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Jun 25, 2011
Who go inundated with questions about this today? HP discountinued it and firesaled down to $99. It sold out in very short time online, so people came into my store in droves asking about it--but we never had it in store.

I was building bikes today, and I needed to walk by electronics to grab the key. In the 3 minutes I was on the floor, I got two questions. The electronics person could basically answer the phone with "We do not have the HP Touchpad" and it would have saved oodles of time.

Actually read a PCmag article that talked about how all online stores have run out and encouraged people to go to stores asking for it. :facepalm:
I'm glad someone else posted about this. We had a line (of 4) at the door this morning. I stopped counting phone calls after 15, but I bet I took 20-25.
Yea... I was wondering that today... people kept insisting i had it and the whole day i was confused.
Although I had limited questions about it, I consider it practice for next week. We're supposedly getting a pretty decent heat wave, and my area is usually pretty cool. As a result, everyone comes out to buy fans in the three days of heat. We run out by about 9am and spend the rest of the day saying "CIHYFS (pause for guest to start forming question) we're out of fans."
We had maybe one question about it yesterday afternoon. Then about an hour or two before the store closed we just kept getting calls about it! I couldn't figure out what the big deal was until I got home and read about it.
I'll tell you the secret, its a website, which the thread got over 3million+ views when the deal was found out. Just ask them if they are a "slick" dealer :p
Was Target mentioned at all in that thread? I can't believe people thought we actually carried it. In all honesty, I had forgotten about the TouchPad until this most recent news.
Yep. HP is discontuneing all Web Os devices and it seems they are also shopping around for a buyer for their PC division. carried the touchpad, but it was not carried in stores.

I picked up one for myself and one for an early Christmas present for my dad from
What you think of website makeover?

I only played with it for a few minutes but so far it a little too simple, I wish the links are little more direct instead of having to click 3 or 4 links to get to the page I want and too much white space for me.
Android is getting ported to the Touchpad and the hardware supports a build of Ubuntu, so if you aren't digging WebOS, look into the other flavors available or soon-to-be available. More and more OS ports are going to crop up for it, considering WebOS app development is at a standstill.
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