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Jun 4, 2012
HI. I am in Starbucks as a team member for like 1year now and I just got my review in may, Luckily, there is a spot opening for TPS, I want to apply, my question is if Igot the position, will they just give me the tps starting pay or they will add my review pay on top with tps pay... Thank you. could use the extra money. :)
thank you for your reply, you see I started at 10.50dollar and then after the review I am now 10.90. tps starting at 11,dollar.. not really worth fighting for if it is only 10 cents. However, if they add the difference between 10.50-11. it is 50 cents more, then it is different story.
That's a pretty surprisingly high pay for sbux.. do you know what PG you are?
A TPS is PG 9 and starts around $9.50/hr .. soo technically it'd be like you are demoting yourself??
But the potential to jump to a SR.tps is always there and that's a PG 11
..and PS they would not cut your pay.. you would probably get maxed out at PG 9 which is prob around that $11 range as you stated.
In my store, SBUX is pg7 and tps is pg 9. I know there is 50cents difference between. I just want to know if they will add the difference or just give me the starting pay.
oh. that is great. Now I am motivated to apply. haha
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