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Aug 29, 2011
Hi everyone!

I'm NorCalTL and glad to be a part of The Breakroom again. So excited that everything is up and running. I used to post here a lot between '06 -'08 (I think) but then became a simple visitor passing by every month or so just getting caught up on the latest test pilots or AE changes.

I was with the company for seven years, working at a great $28-32 million dollar store in the middle of California's beautiful wine country. Unfortunately, I was let go by my 'ever-so-happy,' recently graduated ETL-SL/GE who had no previous management experience in any field (I know: nothing new.) I had been GSTL for the past 18 months, the first 12 months as my store's only GSTL with only my one Photo Lab Specialist and my two GSAs to assist me. (I did have a co-GSTL with me originally, but she was fired before my first month was up due to her constantly punching out for lunch and then going back to the floor.)

Things were tough, since I didn't have much official training but they thought I would be fine, and my main strength of 'Managing Talent' helped me to run an efficient team. Even though I had the only GREEN YTD workarea in the store (besides the Team Score: like that's difficult), even though my REDcard conversion was GREEN YTD, even though my survey scores, even restrooms, were GREEN YTD, just because I didn't do things HER WAY, I was told to either be fired or quit. This coming from an ETL who would NEVER recognize the positive, but always, ALWAYS, saw the negative! Again, I know, that is in no way new to any member of the forums.

Oh, and should I mention that during these last few, horrific months of HELL with my ETL, my dad was at home, dying of cancer. He died just 34 days after my last day at Target. A least I was able to be with him and not have any other concerns on my mind. Maybe that was a gift. I choose to believe it as such, though I still resent being fired. Never a good feeling...

Before being GSTL, I was a Hardlines Sales Floor Team Leader, first promoted to oversee Health & Beauty, and was given Electronics and Entertainment in addition due to my ETL firing my friend and fellow TL, though under different circumstances than mine. I was also Captain of our newly revamped Team Trainer program and loved every minute of my job, except for MMB Scan Back. So tedious!

Before that, I was a Garden Center TM and trainer for 2 years, also serving as my TL's backup, and prior to that I was a Cashier/Guest Service TM for 2 years, with bits of Sales Floor thrown in somewhere between. Being my GCTL's backup got me recognized by store and district leadership since he would be off and I would be working during DTL visits, representing the business, the numbers, the operations as well as any TL would. Those were the good days!...

Anyway, I'm writing too much. Just wanna say I'm happy to be back! Looking forward to contributing any way can!
Glad you could join us. Sorry to hear of your circumstances of you exit from Target and the death of your dad. Hope life has been treating you well since then. :)
Thank you for the welcome, everybody!

Bullseye, thanks for asking. I've been doing well, though I have had my rough spots. I just gotta continue to move forward and do what I need to do.
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