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I'm really excited to have found out that my area of responsibility will be (ETL) Human Resources. Can anyone give me some insight to what my primary responsibilities will be? Do ETL's in HR work until late in the evening or is it during normal business hours? I know that retail hours are different than other business hours but I wasn't sure if that also applies to the HR department. I am looking forward to learing about all of the other departments and working side by side with my team as well. I was just wondering if anyone can give me some insight as to what to expect as an ETL HR? Thanks in advance guys :)
Oct 14, 2011
Consider yourself lucky - ETL-HR is one of the only ETL jobs that actually leads to experience that can be used outside of retail. Once you get tired of Target, you can go work HR at pretty much any other company in any industry with the experience you will get as an ETL-HR.

ETL-HR up until a few years ago used to strictly work 8-5 Mon-Fri and some weekends. They never had LOD shifts (basically what other companies call manager on duty). That changed a few years ago. Now they have to have LOD shifts, which means they will work all hours the store is open. So you might have a 2PM-10PM shift or a 7AM to 5PM shift. Could be all over the place. You will work every other weekend no matter what.

Your primary job will be hiring, firing, in charge of making sure reviews are done, dealing with TM complaining (some valid complaints, but expect lots of pointless whining and drama), answering benefits questions, going to college hiring events, usually in charge of stupid events that try to boost morale and never do, new hire orientation, and other things along those lines. Like I said - you will have to be LOD. That means you will have to get involved in other parts of the store at times - sales floor, logistics, guest service, etc. It is definitely not an office job. Too bad you weren't hired a few years ago.... back then ETL-HRs virtually never left their office for any reason.
Jun 23, 2012
In addition to what SoT said, according to my ETL HR alot more of the job than you would expect is proofreading. Anything that Target sends out has to be read and approved by the ETL-HR. All reviews, coachings and things of that nature.
Oct 24, 2012
Best piece of advice I could give you would to be to try and get buy-in from your ENTIRE team (flow included) ASAP. HR is a very team-oriented workcenter and without the support of your peers/team it's a very difficult position to hold. My district avoids new-enroll hiring for ETL-HR/LOG and rather uses intern to hire or internal transfers to fill positions because it's difficult for many new enroll ETL-HR/LOG's to become successful.

As SoT said above me, they are expected to perform LOD shifts now so take in as much as you possibly can from Business College. I would recommend partnering with your ETL-HL to gain extended knowledge on how the salesfloor works. FA/SBX/SL/Market/BR usually run themselves throughout the day, depending on the team. As an LOD you will mostly be directing HL activities and dealing with guest service (approving various transactions at POS) while also ensuring TM's are keeping up to brand and answering all calls.

You just need to make people feel confident in your efforts. So long as it seems like you know what you're doing you won't become that blonde girl who didn't know what CAF stood for and got performanced out after 3 months.
Jun 8, 2011
Spot numbers are worse thing in hr. you will be expected to follow certain projection numbers for training & hours. You will be directed by your stl to cut hours at a moment notice.
Based on your prior postings, you will have to become fast learner & thinker without asking the same questions every other day to know this position. It is not an easy job.
Learn best practice, know your state laws & be ready for battle.
Good luck.
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Mar 5, 2013
You also have a tricky position. Our ETL-HRs are constantly busy with computer based work. And while they have their duties it gets hard for them to balance being on the floor & being in their office to support both the team on and off stage. It appears to be that ETL-HRs are always in their offices, but just make sure that you are strict with peers and tms if you need to be off stage by explaining why and being on the floor whenever possible. I have been told the ETL-HR is a position where you learn the most and can get you the most experience.
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