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Dec 8, 2011
i been off work for a while and i don't know when i work next can i go 2 one of the targets here and use there computer to look up when i work next, cause i can't see it off any of my computer,

p.s thank for answering in advance please respond, i not sure if i would be weird to go in another to look up on schedule
Are you an out-of-state student?

Your best bet is to ask Guest Service to call the LOD so you can get permission to go into their TSC/breakroom area (you may need your discount card and ID). Then you can go on eHR to check your schedule. Other than calling HR at your store, that's probably your only option.

eHR is difficult to access outside of Target, and the schedule is blocked because MAX can only be accessed inside stores.
I know my old stores usually don't like giving out schedules over the phone. But just call your store, if the operator won't, then you can ask for the TL, HR, or LOD.

I would then go to the other Target store, and ask their LOD to use the eHR koisk.
At my store, it's not a big deal if TMs in your position call up and ask when they're working, although it's more common for one TM to text another TM and ask them to check.
yeah thanks for all your answer i will most likely ask one of my friends to check for me, thanks for all the quick response, magic hugs to you all or high 5 if you don't like hugs
This is why Target needs to have schugles viewed from home.b I never got why they think its considered "off the clock". Walmart its posted online at In fact its one of the only places you can access it as they don't post paper ones. You can also get it off The Wire. (MAX)
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