I got 17 Target Executives and a hometown native ain’t one.

Aug 30, 2022

I say this with the upmost respect to the CEO, executive team, board of directors, investors and the hometown.

I am not surprised at Targets Second quarter earnings, nor am I surprised as to the current trading price of TGT on the NYSE based on how they don’t value and respect the voices of the town that build them. During the Aquatennial was there truly a “Target” presence, or was it just for appearances. I know that if it was my company and I was invested in the community like I said I was, I would be out talking to the people seeing what we can do to overcome this challenge as a community as a team because I would not want to let them down, as that would be the opinion that I value the most. Let alone making sure that all warehouses are actually owned by Target Corp and not ignoring this information when it has been presented. However this may get a bit more complicated and dicey as it also pertains to MPR’s origins (two rivers trading company incurs and pays property taxes in Washington County).
Target is unique as they truly have contributed to what the twin cities is today. Very similar to what the auto industry was to Detroit.


Las Vegas and New York have huge stores.

Ask yourself what has Target done for you lately?

Circle it and let us know??!?!
Spot stock is 125.00 a share. WMT is 160.00. Spot is recovering from the pride concerns.
You can't really compare share prices directly like that. Walmart has almost 6x more shares than Target, so the market cap is about 8x as much.

As for the subject of the post, that tends to happen to pretty much every big national corporation. They get big enough that they can hire executives from anywhere in the country, and soon none of the top people are from where they're headquartered and they don't have any reason to care about it.