1. M

    Store Director

    My store Director hardly ever acknowledges team members. He barely speaks to anyone and if you approach him, he's too busy to engage. Is this normal?
  2. GoldenRiverRose

    What repercussions could I face for secretly recording discriminatory and harassing behavior from leaders?

    For over 4 months now I have been dealing with discriminatory and harassing behavior from the leaders at my workcenter. I've reported these behaviors to multiple leaders with no change. I've contacted the Ethics Hotline and been told the situation had been "handled", even though the behavior has...
  3. J

    LOD responsibility

    What are LOD responsibilities?
  4. R

    Possible Harassment

    I need a second opinion because I feel like this is targeted harassment from my TL. I suffer from medical conditions and my TL has been using this as an excuse to “baby” me and give me write-ups. I’ve been with this company for 2 years and it feels like I’m being targeted because of my...
  5. K

    Management Rant & The Cost Of It

    I've worked at Target for 10-plus years. I've seen a lot of good people come and go, also experienced many idiotic corporate Kool-Aid, practices, buzzwords, and so on, throughout the years. When I first started I can honestly say, that management as far as a big box store retailers goes, it was...
  6. G

    Upcoming Operational changes

    Has anyone gotten any information on the upcoming changes that are soon going to happen. Our SD was again on an 1.5hr confrence call but isn't allowed to disclose any of the operational changes yet. I hate being blindsided at the last minute.
  7. KillerTL

    New DSD

    So we have a new DSD and he is pushing hard for perfection throughout the store. For my team of course it is Productivity and INF. First it was they have to be picking 40 uph at least for OPU/SFS and 60 up for Grocery. Ok no problem this is totally doable. Now I am being told to write down...
  8. PogDog

    Leader Recognition

    How often does your ETL/SD call out your contributions? Do you feel you're a valued member of the team? An Asset or a Liability? Do you only get approached when things are bad or you need to address something in your business? What does a healthy relationship in leadership look like?
  9. S

    Moving Up?!

    So I have been with target so far for 5 years, I’ve been pushing to move up in chain of command and all that I’m getting from my higher ups saying that I’m not ready and not being specific about anything. Even though I do everything I can to make sure everything is perfect and efficient in my...
  10. RunForACallBox

    How Bad Is Your Store?

    Just a few from mine. We can’t be alone in this.
  11. TargetMcFly

    Are ETLs/SD require to rotate stores every 2-3 years?

    I hate seeing good ETLs leave our store and just curious whether ETLs are required to switch stores. Seems like most if not all our ETLs do not stay longer than 3 years. Do they have a choice?
  12. C

    Incredible amount of store drama

    So, I have no idea how to preface this, but I have never worked at a store like this in my 10 years of working retail jobs. Without giving too much away, I live in one of the major three cities in the USA and work for a Target in said city. I started working for Target a few months ago, and...
  13. O

    LOD's and ETL's are horrible (venting)

    Just found out today that our stores ETL gave a team member all the questions and answers to give during the interview process to become a Team Lead... disappointed but not surprised, especially since i've been at this store for 5+ years and have applied to become TL. Every job has favortism and...
  14. afterhours

    Corporate The CEO, Executives and Shareholder’s Profit (that’s all that matters, right?)

    Welcome to America! Land of the free market, and home of the rich shareholders, executives and CEOs who keep getting richer. When you see the company profits, that $500 bonus that went straight to paying a car payment that was 3 months late or rent or anything else that keeps increasing in...
  15. A


    So what are the requirements to be a "boss" at target?
  16. Reshop Ninja

    Answered Inappropriate comments from leadership.

    Is there anyone I can talk to in a dm regarding what can be done about a member of leadership making inappropriate comments to female team members as well some other very concerning behaviour?
  17. Dream Baby

    Store Director Turnover

    How long does a Store Director normally stay at the same store? I have been at my store since July 2015 and we are on our FOURTH one. That seems like a lot to me though our store is in a large Metro area.
  18. C

    Store director bullying

    I already quit my job at target, but I’m wondering if I should take any more action. I recently called off work with a valid reason, and the store director listened to it and then abruptly stopped talking, so I stayed on the line in case if there was anything else he wanted to say to me...
  19. R


    Hi is there a store roster on workday?
  20. K

    Archived The Young, Inexperienced, The Fanatical

    I've been at Target for 11 years, and in that time I have definitely seen a trend in how Target hires upper management. When I first started a lot of the ETL'S and the store manager we're seasoned veterans of the retail industry, and also had a lengthy career at Target. Not saying that all of...