Old Store All New ETL Team, Super Sex Scandal


Finally A Guest Again
Nov 11, 2015
I haven't talked to anyone from the old store who can confirm this is 100% true but, an old TM ran into me at my new job. Told me ALL the gossip. My old store manager had been sleeping with an ETL which resulted in him being transferred, and her either fired or she resigned. They were both married with kids. The market ETL also slept with a TM and got fired. Another ETL got fired for being a bad leader, and another never came back from his LOA. Considering all the action that is going on at that store, I might just reapply and risk it all and dive into the monkeypox pit with them. Opinions?
You missed the action and that will probably be the most your store will see in awhile. I bet HRBP and SDTL are extremely involved in the store now. I'd just stay away
Hahahahaha! These are the "days of Our Targets", but seriously our STL 2or 3 back has an instore filmed (somebody posted security cam footage) video with or Softlines TL... His wife was not impessed and whupped that girlies ass on the sales floor in the middle of the day... but they only hire the most qualified leaders
Since we're spilling the tea...had a TSS ETL "sleep" with a TM in his office after turning off cameras. Lol. Same store the SD threatened to write up a TM if she did NOT pull a uboat behind her down a backroom aisle so she could backstock faster. Let s see...current store; TL "sleeping" with TM and every body knows that and still...everytime one of them says they're returning something to the ambient room I just want to take a shower.