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Jun 10, 2011
So........during my two shifts of hardlines training, nobody has shown me how to answer a callbox request. In my store, we don't have the actual buttons - we have the red phones instead. How to you clear a request from the phones?
Thanks for all your help, everyone, I really do appreciate it. You guys are awesome!

There should be a small black button on the top or side of the phone toward the back edge. Push that button to clear the call. When you do, it should come out over your walkie that the call has been cleared.

I'll have to take a look next week to see if our phones have that button on them. Though I'm apparently not training again for a while - just cashing.

A hardlines TM did show me how to take phone calls and park them, but they didn't show me how to do the callbox requests. Thanks anyways though!
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