A Target in my city has a supermarket next to it

Dec 30, 2015
That prevents it from selling fruits, vegetables, and meat apparently. They have none in the store. People in the Starbucks there commonly ask about bananas. They don't have any.
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Probably part of the land lease agreement with the property owner. Grocery store probably was there first and has exclusive rights to sell produce and meat. So Target if they wanted that location had to agree to that term for as long as the lease is active for the other tenant
This doesn't apply to Aldi stores however. There is a Target that has an Aldi right next to it and that Target sells produce and meat.
Nothing special with Aldi.

There is a Target in my area that has an Aldi next door and that Target sells produce and meat. So at least in my area a Target can have an Aldi in the same shopping center and be allowed to sell produce and meat, but not other grocery stores.
Probably has a lot to do with who was where first and contracts or leases negotiated when a new business arrived. My store is next door to an Aldi and very close to a Meijer store. (Not a shared parking lot but within easy walking distance.) All three sell produce and fresh meat products.
I know of a Target that's on one side of a shopping center with Ralphs (Kroger), Sprouts, Walmart all close together on the other side, with an Aldi across the street and they all sell produce and meat. Oh, also in that same shopping center, there's a Trader Joe's.
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