Archived I locked my eHR account & I need the phone number to call to unlock it. Please help!

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Feb 15, 2012
Can anyone give me the 1800 number team members use to call so that our account gets unlocked?? I need to request a day off before tomorrow and I can not find the number! Plz and thank you!
Im not working right now thats the problem.. I know there is a 1800 phone number but I dont know what it is!!
Its posted up either on the phone or the computer we have there... Is there anyone who knows it?

I pulled that from eHR. It's to contact Team Member Services. I think that may be it.
Thank you sooo much!!
But now it says that they are closed when they close at 7 and its barely 6 over here. Do you know if thats the only number available??
That was. So sorry I couldn't help you any further.

That's where I looked.

EDIT : You're locked out .... dur.
OK then I will do that, Thank you very much for your help!!!
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