I quit, then found out I'm on the new schedule

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  1. Put in my two weeks a couple weeks ago, worked my last day this past Saturday. Can't stand the new store leadership and I want to be home with my daughter...anyway, I was not scheduled to work the next two weeks, obviously, then I get a text from a former coworker saying she saw me on the new schedule for 40 hours on plano! I'm not concerned about it because I quit, and what are they going to do... but I thought it was curious, especially seeing as I have 40 hours and the past year I have been working 5 hours a week just on Saturdays to keep my discount. Thoughts? I'll laugh if I get a call at 6am Monday the 31st
  2. Good luck. You don't have to call in. Your old store are banking your hours.
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    Our store does that to 'stash' hours; everyone but the newbies know so it's no big secret.
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    My friend thought this might be the case. Thanks for the replies! I'm glad to be done with Spot, but sad that it ended the way it did. My store has had massive team lead turnover since the new STL showed up :(