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I'm confused.
Why is it bad to print the schedule?
I still don't understand what is wrong about that. At my store the PA actually writes the schedule for Market. Lol.
If you were not supposed to access to it wouldn't it be restricted? When I'm on workbench if I go to a link I don't have access to it comes up access restricted. I wouldn't worry.
Due to you being a perishables "assistant" with the understanding that you should be leading the market team in absence of a TL, you should have MAX access. Just as Brand TMs have supervisor access (when enabled) on the registers.
My best bet would be the 'act stupid' defense.
"Hey, I sure didn't know I wasn't sposed to being doing that schedule printen stuff."
Seriously, as long as there isn't some recent direct order not to you should be able to slide.
There is no imaginable scenario in which someone could be upset with you for printing a schedule.
You are overstressed. Let your etl & ctl worried about the schedule, not you. It's not your problem.Your focus should be on p-fresh functions on salesfloor or backroom. More sales equals to more hours & tm's.
Pfreshbackroomguy, I feel your pain. I can tell you are super stressed. Take a deep, slow breath. I know how you feel! Make sure to chat with the LOD at the beginning of your shifts, and make a plan on how to tackle everything. Keep making lists of what you accomplish, and inform the closing LOD of what still needs to get done. Maybe they can put it in their closing email.

In my experience, pfresh doesn't get anywhere near the staffing it should. I made it a point to visit Targets whenever I am near them in my state, and take a peek. They are always empty of TMs. There is always one frazzled looking PA who shows up with a vehicle of produce.

Don't let the lack of support get transferred into blame on you. With all those tasks that need to get done, and not enough people to do them, the first thing leadership is going to do is accuse you for not doing them all. Even if they are expectations are clearly unrealistic. They will say that you need to communicate so that leadership can address the unfinished tasks. But that will only succeed for a little while. Eventually they will interpret that communication as negativity, and accuse you of "not being a team player." They will pile extra tasks on you to punish you (zoning hardlines, etc). Then you'll far even further behind.

Sorry if that was a bit of a downer. Sometimes pfresh is really fun. And sometimes it is a mindless soul eating vortex of misery and pain.

Here is how you can fire back: Multitask so that you do something they weren't expecting. Undoubtedly you will be able to find some cleaning routine that hasn't been enforced properly. Do it, and then report back to the LOD, telling them that not only did you finish your work load, but you also did such-and-such. Generally, after that they will find some low performer to pick on after that.

Pfresh needs you, and your LODs know that even more than you do. You can't afford to work in a culture of fear. Be confident!
If you were logged in as you and had access to it, you were well within your rights to print it. I have access to some stuff that I shouldn't and pointed it out to my ETL and she said it's really no big deal because it's stuff I could find printed out anyway. Technically, if you wanted to, you could go through the printed schedule and look at everyone's schedule anyway...
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