Pay and benefits… this what I think it is?

Aug 2, 2021
I saw this on the pay and benefits webpage. Does Target match the amount that we put into our social security? This is a huge benefit in my opinion! Am I reading it right?


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How long has this been the case? And is it something you had to opt into? Because I just quit last month after 11 years and I had no idea of this lol.
Yeah, you don't need to be impressed by this. It's something every employer is required to do for every employee. (There is a ceiling, but no regular TM will reach it.)
Now, the 401(k) match is a different thing. I don't think there's a requirement for an employer to match an employee's 401(k) contribution. The ones that do match do so at different percentages. I always try to contribute at least the amount that will be matched; not doing so is like leaving money on the table.