1. TTB

    Saver life challenge

    Did anyone else sign up for it? They had a promotion if you save a certain amount by a certain time and they reward you. You get extra if you link a target credit union account. I signed up and and got all the rewards and today I won $100 out of the blue. They said if you saved $150 by July they...
  2. W

    Mental health benefits?

    I am trying to get an appointment with a psychiatrist because I may have Bipolar disorder and I am having trouble finding information on the pay and benefits and UHC website. I saw somewhere that someone said that there is no co pay for virtual visits but on the UHC website it is saying I will...
  3. A

    Car insurance / Home Insurance through Target

    Has anyone switch to one of Targets home and auto insurance providers? They said I would receive my official documents in the mail in ten days but the agent emailed me my cards to print. It is deducted pre-tax out of every paycheck. They already took their first payment last week. I didn’t...
  4. S

    Hinge Health

    Has anyone tried the latest offering from our insurance called Hinge Health? Its like an at home app guided physical therapy for joints. I just got my kit today (which came with a little tablet, yoga mat and motion sensor bands that connect to the app and show if you are doing the exercises...
  5. T

    HSA deductions

    Anyone know how long it takes for HSA deductions to start coming out of your pay and go into your HSA account? It should have started April 1st but nothing deducted after 2 paychecks.
  6. B

    HSA $200?

    They said we’d get $200 in our HSA, I only got $20. did someone leave out a zero and get fired??
  7. D

    Benefits Eligibility Question

    Hello everyone, I’m currently enrolled into Medical through my spouse, I was not a Target employee by that time. I started working at Target and now I’m elegible for Medical, however I can not enroll myself because it say’s that I am currently enrolled under my spouse. I tried calling Pay &...
  8. D

    Benefits Health Insurance Benefits

    So I have a question. I've been working at Target for a month and I was wondering when am I eligible for Medical, Vision, and Dental insurance? Also, is there a way of checking if I'm eligible? Thanks.
  9. RWTM

    2022 benefit question

  10. D

    health benefits help in california please

    I goyt a job offer in sacramento area distibution center, i have a medical condition and need to know some info about insurance befre I accept but cant find anything. I need to know they offer kaiser, deductible for the better option, premium and co pay ? the more info the better. thank you.
  11. D

    Kaiser Info caifornia

    I goyt a job offer in sacramento area distibution center, i have a medical condition and need to know some info about insurance befre I accept but cant find anything. I need to know they offer kaiser, deductible for the better option, premium and co pay? the more info the better. thank you.
  12. D

    Transfer 401K to Target

    Hello everyone! I currently have a 401K with another company and I would like to know if I can move it to Target. I’m also brand new in the company (less than a month). I do still have access to my old employer 401K.
  13. J

    Can’t manage 401k after quitting?’

    I quit Target a few weeks ago after 10 years (actually i was just shy of reaching that milestone, so i missed out on getting that super thoughtful $50 Target gift card you get after a decade :/). I’d been contributing to a traditional and Roth IRA the whole time, and need to roll it over to my...
  14. S

    Health insurance

    I just want people to be aware of what is happening to some of Targets’ TMs. It was a great gesture on Targets’ part to reduce the average hourly requirement to 24.9 hrs/ week. But here is the problem. I’ve been benefiting from tax credits for my health insurance gotten in the Marketplace. This...
  15. V

    Bereavement policy

    I am in need of some help here. I have been with Target for 3 1/2 years now. Recently, I had an immediate death in my family. As soon as I found out, I advised my leader (who has been at Target for less than a year now). She had my shifts covered and all (which were only 2). When I returned, I...
  16. J

    Class recap

    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to give everyone kind of a recap of a cert I just finished up with Targets new free schooling program. Signed up for an Operations certificate at one of the schools they offer. It was 4 classes and each was 2 weeks long. It was all online and easy to do.I would...
  17. D


    Has anyone else noticed that every time Target “revamps” the benefits package, it always seems to take something away from long time TM, while benefitting newer hires? Years past, STD was paid based on your length of time with Spot, with longer time TM receiving a higher percentage from the...
  18. H

    What do you do with accounts related to Target once you leave?

    Target was my first job and I have already put in my two weeks a few months ago. I'm preparing to leave the country and I doubt that I'll ever work there again so I was just wondering what I should do with my account information for Target Benefits and my Paperless Employee account. I already...
  19. Yetive

    Reduced waiting time for benefits

    I was worried that the waiting time for benefits would be reduced by very little, but looks like across the board 90 day waiting period. Nice job Target. I am happy about this.
  20. Y

    2022 insurance minimum hours

    Hello all, I’m new to the forum. Honestly I’m new to ALL forums so if I mistakenly post in the wrong section or it’s a repeat of a previous topic just let me know. I was told by an TL today that the minimum hour requirement for medical insurance benefits is being reduced from presently 29.5...