Has your United Healthcare HRA balance transferred to Blue Cross Blue Shield HRA like it was supposed to?

Jun 9, 2023
Per this information from Target (see attachment) any balance left on our HRA accounts with United Healthcare was supposed to transfer over to our new HRA account with Blue Cross Blue Shield. I have $1000.47 still sitting in my account with United Healthcare and it has been a nightmare trying to find out why it has not transferred. I have spent a couple of hours on the phone being transferred from person to person who do not know the answers. I have called United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Target Benefits Center and no one can tell me anything! Check your balances and see if your money was rolled over. Let me know if anyone has any answers. Thanks!


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Thanks for the reply, but I have done that. That is how I know I have $1000.47 in my United Healthcare account. It should have been transferred to BCBS HRA and no one can tell me why it has not.
Again, I appreciate your reply and help. This not the Health Savings account with a card. This fund does not have a card. This is an HRA account that was totally funded by Target, not me and any unused funds rolled over each year. Target would add money to it for completing certain health initiatives like getting a physical. United Healthcare would automatically pull from the HRA fund when there was a claim that I owed money on after they processed the claim. I do have a HSA card that is funded by me because at Open Enrollment I signed up for a specific amount to be taken out of my check each pay period, but that is not the same. I am in NC, so maybe it is different in different states.
Mine wasn't rolled over either and I am a bit worried about it. I probably have around $1200 that hasn't transferred over yet.