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Nov 15, 2013
So of course all hell breaks lose AFTER my training is over.
During training, I was fine and dandy getting red cards like i've been in the business for years.
Then my first day after training, I get ZERO and my second day I got NADA. So I think everyone hates me.
Aside from that, on my last day of training my GSA and trainer told me to talk to etl-hr about cross training in pharmacy (i'm a pre-pharm student and even the etl-hr who hired was shocked i didn't apply for that, but I didn't apply because they told me they wanted me for 35 hours a week.) So my etl-hr and another etl-hr looked at me like I had 4 heads ( i think they were mad that I asked). I only asked because my GSA and trainer told me to, I would've kept my mouth shut and kept doing my job. ALSO, they told me if I needed more availability to just ask. So I asked, today the called me asking if I wanted to come in (but I can't, and the lady didn't sound too happy seeing how I said I had open availability on these days now). Do they hate me? Will I be asked to stay after the season is over? I know I need to be on my best behavior the rest of the time, but I feel like I'm going on a downward slope to termination.

I guess the question is, can someone judge this situation and tell me what I can do?
Nov 17, 2013
you're overreacting. Of course they don't hate you. Why would they? If you have pharmacy education and experience i'd definitely cross train into pharmacy..seems like a good idea..and as far as I know red cards are all luck..dont stress over them


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Jun 10, 2011
Am I overreacting?

You have to keep in mind how many people they have working for them and how crazy it is this time of year.
As long as you are doing a decent job and not breaking any rules you're fine.
You might want to relax on the Redcard thing, you probably did well at first because you were more relaxed.
People smell fear.


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Jun 9, 2011
Don't promise what you can't do or change what you want too many times.
Just hit the mental reset button & tell them that, after careful consideration, you'd like to cross-train & you'll try to open up your avail when possible. Don't panic or forget to exhale.
Q4 is hellish at best & right now it ain't 'best' anything.
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