COVID-19 If i have tested positive for covid-19 will i still get paid for my time off?

Sep 4, 2021
I am just wondering that with it being so late in the game with the whole Covid-19 pandemic, if I test positive for it, if I will still be able to take the time off with pay? I have had the immunizations, but I have been hanging around someone who has tested positive.
Going to be tested 2moro
May 31, 2020
If you get the shot ALL paid time off for COVID is VOID! No pay for the sick vaccinated.
I'm not sure how accurate this is. Had a recent scare at our store with a handful of folks out due to a positive case on the team. The time we took off to get tested and returned was covered with the emergency time off for Covid.

Give your HR a call and explain what's going on, they will be able to tell you if it's covered via the emergency time off or not. If not, you can always use your sick or personal time to cover it. Please don't go into work if there's a chance you have a positive test.