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  1. M

    do I still need to call out every day?

    I've been out sick for the past week with covid symptoms. fortunately/unfortunately it was my birthday this weekend and I requested the week off so I've been good so far. my test is today and I called to let the store know yesterday that I'll be out until my test results come back. ETL said okay...
  2. C

    COVID-19 Mask Patrol

    My county has a mask mandate and as a person who was shifted from Beauty to Cart Wipe duties, I have had the privilege of being on mask patrol for the last few weeks. Oh what fun that has been! Ive been laughed at, flipped off, ignored and then accused of chasing someone, argued with, lied to...
  3. Z

    COVID-19 How many cases is an outbreak

    we have had 4 this month. Should I call the health department?
  4. H

    Covid protocol

    I know names can’t be given of team members who have tested positive but what is official protocol from corporate as to what can be told? Is management allowed to let us know if we have been in direct contact with the person that tested positive? I feel like a text message going out letting...
  5. S

    The song of my people!

    I would love to freak out some guests by doing a rousing chorus! During all of this flipping pandemic, with all of the added responsibilities...can they please not leave watermelons in men's basics? Packages of cheese in RTW? Handfuls of crap by the fitting room when they figure out it's not...
  6. B

    COVID-19 Is anyone else's Target enforcing masks?

    Was just curious, I'm in a state where it's currently required that you wear a mask whenever you go outside or shopping. The Target I'm at though isn't currently enforcing that, so they are allowing people to enter our store without a mask or anything of the sort. I was just curious if anyone...
  7. jackandcat

    COVID-19 Will Target stores be required to refuse service to non-face-covering guests?

    I don't know about other states, but Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee issued a face-covering edict effective as of Tuesday, July 8th, In my store, I'd guess well over 95% of our guests are complying with face-covering rules. But with this new emergency rule, will we literally have to escort...
  8. D

    Mask policy

    Are teammates at all Distribution Centers supposed to be wearing masks? If so, is the policy being enforced or are there people not wearing them?
  9. T

    Answered Covid and sick child-help

    Hi all, I’ve been on LOA and today is my 3rd shift back so I am unsure of a lot of the new covid rules. My son woke up coughing (no fever thank goodness) and is congested. I’m unsure on the policy for if a family member shows symptoms and us going in. Will they make me stay off for 14 days...
  10. jackandcat

    Thanksgiving 2020 and our "heroes"

    During the height of the pandemic, those of us working during the crisis were called "heroes". Retail companies ran ads on television, the Internet and billboards applauding front-line retail workers as "heroes" for running the risk of catching COVID-19 from the public. So let's talk turkey...
  11. I

    In store temperature while wearing a mask.

    I am in a state where mask wearing is mandatory. This past week is also the first time it's been warm outside. I typically think it's warm in our store in the summer but it has been unbearable with the mask on. I find myself taking it off to breathe and being less productive as I can't...
  12. T

    COVID-19 What should i do? (Covid)

    Good Morning team, I would like to start this off by saying that I've enjoyed 5 years here at Target, and have been a team leader for 4. Like all of you Im sure, Covid 19 has turned everything upside down in my store. I am in Pa, and our store is located in a red county with continued rise in...
  13. S

    COVID-19 keeping safe and healthy in this pandemic

    so what is everyone doing to keep themselves from catching COVID-19? im just washing my hands every chance i get and stay away from everyone as much as i can
  14. G

    COVID-19 Our store has a confirmed positive team member😬

    Okay so our Store director called me about this team member having a CoVid19, she said she came to work Wednesday, tested thursday and confirmed Friday. She said they reviewed the camera and sanitized all the area she/he was touching. And she said make sure u wear your mask and gloves and wash...
  15. L

    COVID-19 Aren’t we non essential workers? (COVID 19)

    I’ve heard that some target stores have closed off their non essential areas which Is great. I personally think it’s ridiculous to still have style team members (or other non essentials like toys/electronics) and expose people to the virus unnecessarily. In the stores that closed off...
  16. T

    COVID-19 Anyone else have confirmed Covid-19 cases in the warehouse?

    We recently had a confirmed case in the warehouse and they refuse to tell us what key or department the team member was in. The only measure taken was to have e&f clean... if your e&f is anything like ours, I'm sorry.
  17. E

    Going overnight. Permanently? Or just during the pandemic?

    So! Late last week we were told that GM, Softlines, and market will be going overnight so there would be minimal team members on the floor during the day. Now the reasoning was kinda wish washy but it’s probably because of the pandemic. Now a few TM’s are convinced that this move is permanent...
  18. bullseyeguy

    COVID-19 TMs either calling out or just walking off the job during the COVID times

    Leading up to those 9+ hour days to pick up that slack. How is your DC in these times?
  19. C

    COVID-19 How many ETL , TL, TMs wearing masks at work?

    If you have masks available, how many would you say (percentage wise) are wearing masks at work? At my store, I’d say 30% overall. Maybe more than half of cashier/front end workers. And currently no ETLs are wearing masks at my store. That seems weird to me, that none of them choose to wear...
  20. S

    Vacation Accrual during the Pandemic

    I was wondering if Target has or will lift the vacation accrual limit at least for awhile during this challenging time. My store needs help. They are asking all of us to work up to 50 hours per week for OPU's and SFS. I'm willing and able, but I will hit my vacation accrual limit on my next...