1. N

    Re vaccine

    Sorry. If asked before. I didn't see any thread for it ..Any idea when target will be offering vaccine to employees who want to take it ?
  2. S

    Covid high risk LOA?

    When does that extended benefit end? When it is scheduled to stop being offered?
  3. T90

    COVID-19 COVID Alerts

    I saw this on Reddit and was wondering how everyone else feels about it. I’m a pretty flexible advocate so on a usual day I’m being asked to work (or rather told too lol) in 5 different work centers, sometimes not touching the one I’m scheduled for. I know it’s against the law for HR to share...
  4. J

    COVID-19 Demand that Target Protect and Compensate the Team As Covid Surges On!

    Hi friends! My name is Jon and my pronouns are they, them, their. I’m here to ask you all as fellow team members how you’re feeling about the pandemic as an essential worker, whether you feel like your needs are being met? Are you feeling stressed, stuck, frustrated, scared about safety...
  5. L

    Just got tested to be safe do I still qualify for paid leave?

    Wasn't really feeling any symptoms but still got tested to be safe. Do I qualify for paid leave until I get results? Also what happens when team members don't report that they got tested and are awaiting results because at some places I know they make you sign this paper that if employees don't...
  6. G

    COVID-19 Who do I call to report a positive case?

    I tested positive for covid-19 this morning. I want to report to my store the positive but don’t know who to call. Do I call HR or an ETL? Or is there a way to report anonymously?
  7. N

    Will target be offering covid vaccines in future

    I know many do not want to take vaccine. .but just a question what is people opinion do you think .target will offer vaccine in future??
  8. M

    Still have COVID what do I do?

    So around thanksgiving, I was awfully sick. I was coughing, had congestion, had chills, fever etc. I talked to my doctor and he told me to quarantine as I might have COVID and I couldn’t get tested at the time because I had no form of transportation and out of fear I could spread my sickness to...
  9. G


    Does any other DC have someone handed out mask at beginning of shift.
  10. Duval Dawg

    Calling out

    I have a question for everyone, I been at Target for 8 months now and I called out for the 3rd time ever there and it’s legit personal stuff that I have had going on recently and I just had to miss work for the first time in like a month. Is it normal for the ETL or TL to make you feel guilty...
  11. C

    Target not enforcing

    One of our local Targets does NOT enforce the customer mask rule. They are customers, not guests. When are the corporate assholes going to grow a pair of balls and tighten up the rule? Front end folks offer masks, tell them to wear them properly and it fucking stops there.
  12. L

    COVID-19 COVID-19 Pay

    Good morning everyone, have an odd question for you lot. My mom had the virus earlier this year and I was taken out of schedule for three weeks, me and my old man had to quarantine too. Came back and asked our ETL-HR about pandemic hours and she said they'll use my sick time for it. Is this...
  13. KarmaToBurn

    COVID-19 CoVID Vaccine side effects

    There's recently been reporting that when you get the vaccine it may put you out of action for a while. The question here is, will Target pay that time off? Because quite honestly with them having already cut hours I can't afford two weeks (estimated) off without pay and that will certainly...
  14. B

    Help with Covid

    Anybody know if Target is giving people with Covid 2 weeks paid quarantine? I think I've got it.
  15. T

    Not Feeling Well...

    Hey all, I’m not feeling well at all and I have been running a fever today. I realize tomorrow is Black Friday and I’m needed, and I’m also a seasonal member who wants to be kept on after Christmas. My shift is from 7-5:30 tomorrow. What should I do??
  16. G

    COVID-19 Covid Cases Rising

    Is anyone else getting multiple texts a day about new cases arising among your team? My store has been riddled with cases and nothing seems to be done about it. We should demand hazard pay through December, especially if they are increasing the store hours back to midnight while things are...
  17. C

    Pandemic HRS

    How does pandemic hrs work?
  18. S

    Covid Temperature Checks

    My store posted a sign today that all employees need to have their temperature checked before they start their shift. Is Target allowed to do this? What is the temperature limit? Not everyone's normal temperature is 98.6 - some are slightly higher and some are slightly lower? What if a team...
  19. D

    Anyone hit their guest limit?

    Did anyone hit their guest limit yesterday or any other day? It was pretty busy. I felt like we kept our guests moving pretty well, but a friend of mine at another store said it was worse. She is at a mall store. She said there was no available parking at the mall. I don't know what we would...
  20. W

    Paid sick time

    Hello! Does anyone know if the paid sick time is always paid at one and a half the rate? I got one and a half before, but the last time I called off because I was sick I was only paid the regular rate. Thanks