1. melinora

    COVID Leave

    Hi guys -- Last week (6/18) my entire immediate family tested positive for COVID-19. I called my HR and she said I could take covid leave and would be paid my average weekly hours. However, when I called today to let them know that I tested positive and am also waiting for my lab test to come...
  2. S

    Does target still do pto for covid leave with a positive test?

    I haven't gotten a clear answer from anyone I've asked and I can't find anything about it anywhere else. I have a positive covid test and I feel terrible, but I need to know if I'll be paid for time I need to take off because of it or not. Help?
  3. S

    Covid text.

    I was wondering if your store has a uptick of Covid cases again? In the past week I received 3 text messages of TM’s with Covid.
  4. G

    90 days (warehouse)

    Does the warehouse have certain rules about how many sick time days you call off for? Will a person be fired once they hit their 90 days for calling off about 9-10 times?It seems like all our new hires call in sick a lot in our department.
  5. TheLycan

    Vaccine card, pay, what do I do?

    SO i am a overnighter and i never have a chance to confront HR or anyone that could help me with that vaccine card for the extra pay. they nevber pickup during the day either so im at a loss. someone told me i could do this by myself on workday or something? what exactly should I do?
  6. lokinix

    Benefits COVID Shot PTO

    Hey, does anyone know if they are still giving PTO or whatnot for getting your cvoid shot or booster? I am due for my second booster and I wanted to take advantage of it, since I missed it for the first booster because I fot it before I started at Target. I asked the HRTM and they seemed to...
  7. I

    The name of the chemicals used to clean spring/summer 2020 for COVID?

    I’m hoping someone is able to look up the name of the chemicals Target first rolled out to stores to clean carts etc. They were later replaced by a less toxic chemical. I took daytime hours as cleaner for 4 months when all work went overnight. I developed some autoimmune symptoms that has been...
  8. D

    COVID leave updates

    I see on the pay and benefits site Target finally updated COVID leaves to pay 100% only when tied to a positive test. No more ”I feel sick and am going to tested” unconfirmed full pay vacations. They finally realized that is what sick pay should be for, when you don’t feel 100%, but really...
  9. Florida Dawg

    Masks optional

    Just found out today that masks are optional at work, You get to choose to wear one or not. It’s a great day today.
  10. Dream Baby

    Will Target go back to Pre-Pandemic closing times?

    In a couple of months it will be two years since my store closed at 11:00 PM. IMHO a later closing time would cause even more people to quit. You also got to figure that any minors in the store can only work until 9:00 or anyway.
  11. livelovetoil2

    HELP!!!! Need answers about paid time off for medical

    Trying to contact Pay & Benefits, these days, if a fricking nightmare. So, I'm reaching out, hoping someone might be able to lead me in the right direction or have some insight. So, I am having hand surgery on Monday, and I took off the week, for obvious reasons. While reading through the LOA...
  12. B

    COVID pay

    Anyone else having a difficult time getting through to the target pay and benefits leave and disability line? I waited for over 30 minutes to talk to someone about the status of my claim and no one picked up. I faxed over documents to the fax number and i got a confirmation showing it went...
  13. S

    Cant access pro leave services

    Anybody else have this problem with trying to access PROLEAVE SERVICE. I know its supposed to be the same z number and password for all the other target apps. I enter mine in and it doesn't work. When I click on the forgot user ID or forgot password it doesnt send me a text or email with help...
  14. Dream Baby

    Hours allocated for TMs out with COVID.

    I realize Target cuts hours after the holidays. However whatever happened to the hours for the TMs out with COVID. In Mytime I could pickup shifts in Fulfillment or a Checkout Advocate. There were ONLY TWO SHIFTS for the entire week for those departments. Is Target just eliminating shifts to...
  15. M

    Covid pay?

    Hi, I tested positive, did that whole process, and got approved....just wondering....when does that covid pay come in? I got the approval this Tuesday however I will be paid this Friday . So my question is, will I be payed in this paycheck or the next? or at any random time of the week? Anyone...
  16. G

    Covid 19 test

    Have anyone have a covid 19 test and did not get result back in 7 days? Do you go back to work even you do not know if you are positive or not.
  17. Dream Baby

    In Store COVID Testing

    Does your store offer in-store testing or take-home tests? Our in-store pharmacy does not and haven't heard whether I can get a FREE take-home test.
  18. N

    Returning from Covid LOA

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know how long it takes after a Covid LOA ends for my myTime to work. I am unable to see my schedule and it’s been a couple days. I am back to work only because of getting called from my store.I was just wondering how long it has been taking everyone else coming back...
  19. D

    Confirmed Case Pay

    Quote from TP&benefits Is this average hours or scheduled? I'll be disappointed if it is scheduled because hours got cut.