Covid policy

Dec 23, 2022
So looks like I have finally caught covid, woke up felling terrible and did 2 at home tests which were both positive.

I contacted CirrusMD because its free to ask if I should get the antiviral and he said no since im boosted and emailed me a note to stay out of work the next 5 days.

I called HR and they said it has to be a provider covid test.
I was looking around for testing options and checked our insurance website ( United healthcare) as it seems covid tests are no longer free unless a doctor orders it and even then I have only a couple options through insurance.

Has anyone had covid recently and know how this works? I cannot call my insurance as its closed until tomorrow and im not sure if cirrusmd can order a test and that would be acceptable for them to pay for it. Then does it need to be the PCR or can it be the 2 hour or 15 min rapid? Will the CirrusMD note be enough?
The Virtual visits through united all start at $99 which is almost what the test costs.

Any insight would be appreciated
Effective December 31, team members will no longer receive paid time off to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and have COVID-19 vaccine recovery time. New team members will no longer receive the additional six hours for Target's Vaccine Policy. Hours will be automatically removed from existing team member’s Emergency Time Off (ETO) balance and visible on paychecks by the end of January.
Then does it need to be the PCR or can it be the 2 hour or 15 min rapid?

You need to get a pcr test done. You pay for it now.
It's no longer required to be a PCR test; it just has to be a provider test so a rapid will do. My partner just went through COVID (also a team member) and their leave was approved 100% with a rapid test handled through Walgreens.