I'm coming back after 7 years, what's changed?

Mar 16, 2024
I worked for Target for 5 years between 2012 and 2017 and I am now coming back to a different store other than my original and I'd like to know essentially how much has changed and what I can expect. I was a cashier / front end team lead originally and now I'm going to be doing Tech sales. Any and all input is appreciated!
Bigger endless trucks, tech is not to bad though but if they are understaffed do not be surprised if they have you helping stock infants or toys.
Pretty much everything, and unfortunately not for the better. Skeleton crews, unrealistic expectations and people constantly pulled from their areas to help out elsewhere, usually to help OPU meet their unrealistic expectations or backup the understaffed front end. Sales floor rarely gets any help as they are the labor pool to pull from. Leadership generally does not understand the concept that you didn’t finish your workload because you were pulled to other areas for half your shift, and too many of them are write-up happy. ASANTS, but not a wonderfully pleasant place to work, there are better, less stressful places to work, Costco for one. Good luck to you.