1. KarmaToBurn


    As preciously stated I just recently got fired, but am also less than a year from moving halfway across the country. I got fired at K-Mart once for actually knocking out a store manager after he swung at me and was eligible for rehire. Is Target superstrict on firings, even with 13 years...
  2. D

    Food and Beverage Expert, AP ETL offered me AP Job

    Food and Beverage Expert here, been working at target for 9 months and the AP ETL has recently been making small talk with me, today he offered me the AP position, I'm in Southern California. How's it like being in AP? Should I transfer / switch over? I'm a small dude so I couldn't really...
  3. G

    I'm coming back after 7 years, what's changed?

    I worked for Target for 5 years between 2012 and 2017 and I am now coming back to a different store other than my original and I'd like to know essentially how much has changed and what I can expect. I was a cashier / front end team lead originally and now I'm going to be doing Tech sales. Any...
  4. M

    Demoting from TL to TM?

    What’s the current process like? I’ve read many different things such as: you had to transfer stores, can’t demote until your TL spot is filled, and that HR has to approve it. What’s the average timeline for this?
  5. T

    Who do I contact? We need a better myDay

    Hello! I would like to contact corporate to help them improve the workplace. Specifically, this assignment sheet deal is becoming a nightmare. We have to save it for 3 years, and nobody reads it or the TMs forget what I write on it. Now, corporate is demanding to even put timelines for every...
  6. E


    Can anyone explain to me why bag the “90 days” are when you start? I wasn’t really told exactly what that was. Thanks!!
  7. E

    Your Target Work Experience

    Hey everyone I need some help!! I applied to Target and I should be having my orientation next Friday from today! I have a dilemma that I am stuck in thought and need all the help I can get. My current job was very shocked and sad hearing that I put my notice in. I was pulled aside with them and...
  8. D

    Job Posting

    Does anyone know if it is required to post for back up positions? Or can anyone just randomly be selected by the OM? I thought I would know the answer, but it seems that lately new random people are training to backup clericals, icqa, and problem solvers without any posting. When I asked, OM...
  9. F

    I miss Target so much!!

    I know, I know, grass is always greener on the other side. But I miss Target. I was closing TL, and I left after three months to go to Amazon as a manager, and it's been hell. I am struggling so much more than I had expected. I knew there would be barriers, but I didn't expect a...
  10. J

    Question about policy on promoting to PML

    Hello all! Last November our PML promoted to Remodel ETL for our district, I applied for his position (with his indorsement) and everything went well and I got great feedback from my interviews! (I've worked for the company for 7.5 years working in everything from Inbound, Gen Merch, Backroom...
  11. C

    Anyone quit Target for much better retail stores (Macy's, Kohls, & Primark), and even better opportunities like for pursuing jobs in teaching

    So I quit Target on February 14th 2023 (6 months ago) which was the best decision I ever made. I was hired as a seasonal and was kept on store after Christmas, although manager knew that I was too interested to be stucking working on the store. That being said I did not got laid off, or...
  12. S

    Are they still using for work reference inquiries? If so what info does the company making the inquiry need to know? And can they use without a subscription?
  13. P

    Can I actually get in trouble for this?

    So I've accepted a new job at a law firm and it's something that's going to be a big help for my career aspirations. I won't actually be starting until August, meaning that I can't quite put in my two weeks just yet. But I've been going around telling anybody who'll listen that I'll be leaving...
  14. V

    Can you be rehired years later after being fired?

    Just curious, can you be rehired after being fired years ago for disconduct? Basically a long time ago I posted a social media status that had nothing to do with work but someone reported it and they let me go because they viewed it as innapropiate. I worked there 7 yrs and had a good reputation...
  15. N

    Hiring How would you see why your target application was rejected?

    Just checked, and (after around 3 months of waiting) my application is now labeled 'no longer being considered'. Would it be possible to check why I was rejected without calling? I am a bit self conscious of my nasily voice through the phone, but I guess I can call of I really need to
  16. N

    Hiring I have applied around a month ago, and I still haven't gotten a response... Do I have anything to worry about?

    A month ago, I applied to be a tech consultant, but it is still 'In progress' ... Did they throw my application in the trash, or do you think they are still considering it?
  17. spikegrouchy

    One more year?

    Hi everyone. It's my annual post announcing my Target anniversary. On Tuesday, December 27th, I turn 23 in Spot years. Started working as a team lead back in the last millennium...December 27, 1999. I stepped down a few years ago and have been working in Open Market most recently. I've seen...
  18. Yaz Pistasio


    Where is your favorite place to cry at work?
  19. I

    Rehire Qualifications?

    So HR contacted me about a question they had about me possibly coming in to cover a shift I declined and then I proceeded to ask them about rehire qualifications, since I already had them on the phone, to which the HR that I was on the phone with said she couldn't answer (I'm guessing she was an...
  20. RetRobution

    Team Survey completed

    And can I create a new job at Target ? Yeah I'm thinking I can because off what I saw today. Follow the chain of command unless its broken. Safety and liability should be of utmost importance at Target..