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  1. A

    Answered quest. HR ETLs about Hiring

    I accidentally canceled a job offer instead of accepting it when I was (about to be) hired after an interview. I came again (as I was asked to) to HR and the job offer was supposed to be sent to me again. However It's been about 12 hours since then and I havent gotten an email nor a pending task...
  2. W

    Target website won't let me reapply? (after months)

    Keeping this short....I worked for target this past holiday season 2019-early January 2020. Like most seasonal employees I was let go. I would love to work here again, reapply 6 months later... When I click on apply to the position I want (same as I had during season) and log into workday. It...
  3. OGP Girl

    Answered Does not having an interview with BOTH a TL and ETL in the same day mean I did not get the job?

    (I apologize in advance for my anxiety, I just really really need something to pan out...) Ok, so on r/Target I heard they do both interviews in the same day now. I had a interview with a TL at the store that I really wanna get hired at (closest to my house) but they only did one interview...
  4. J

    Is it even worth it....

    I applied last Sunday and it’s been really confusing. My phone interview was last Monday at 11am and I never got the call. Workday updated to “No Longer Considered” later that day. I called HR around 4-5pm and they scheduled a makeup phone interview for Tuesday(I SWEAR). Then Tuesday came and I...
  5. H

    Have any team members reduced availability before moving onto another full-time job?

    I was just thinking about something another team member told me before she quit recently. We were talking about our future job prospects and she suggested that if I am planning to quit Target for another job to reduce my availability to weekends only if I was nervous about the new job not...
  6. OGP Girl

    Answered Interviewing at Multiple Stores?

    Question, I am interviewing at multiple stores, do I let the stores know that I am interviewing at different stores or do they already know? Also, if they decide to hire me on the spot but I wanna see what the other interviews have to offer what do I say?
  7. R

    Answered How can I check if I'm rehireable?

    Hello. I worked as a seasonal last holiday season, but due to a shuffle of managers, we ended up getting one that HATED me. She snapped a few times after she created some really bad situations, created problems within the team, and tried to take it out on me. I've worked seasonal twice now and I...
  8. OGP Girl

    Coming Back to Target potentially after ~3 years away...

    Ok, so I basically left Target 3 years ago on not so good terms. I have worked at a competitor for some time (being general here for reasons)... I applied to some Target’s and got a email saying one wants to interview me. When I ask about the amount of hours I get should I believe them...
  9. M

    Answered Question about interview? Very nervous.

    Hi all! I just had an interview yesterday for a Guest Advocate position and I’m nervous about whether I will or won’t get the position. The girl who interviewed me mentioned about running a background check and if it came back alright there was a possibility I would be rolled into orientation...
  10. B

    I've been trying to get hired as an ETL/TL, am I missing something?

    At first I tried to get into an ETL position because I have a BA (it's in a social science, please don't mock me) and need to survive/pay off loans. That didn't work, so now I am thinking a TL position would be fine with me. Any TL position. I have bills. Yes, I have tried other temp and office...
  11. F

    Would you rather...

    Would you rather have an ok team member that doesn’t have attendance issues or a team member who is faster but has attendance issues?
  12. T

    Why I Didn't Enjoy Target

    There are some cool, fun people who work there. But you don't really get to enjoy them. The minute you start conversing with a co-worker, the Gestapo steps in. They would watch over the monitors, and if someone started joking around, or seemed to be having fun, a team leader would step in and...
  13. C

    Can you be employed at 2 Targets at once ? (College for example)

    As the title asks... Can you be employed at 2 Targets at once? For example, my daughter works at our hometown Target, but would love to work at the Target in her college town. But her college will close Thanksgiving-January and she’d like to come back to hometown Target to work seasonal...
  14. E

    Possible Conflict of Interest?

    Today I was walking my store with my HR ETL, and fitness came up in conversation, so I mentioned that I was a Personal Trainer. My ETL seemed to be taken aback and cringed when I said it. He/she then asked me if I currently had clients and if I currently have income through it. When I said yes...
  15. A

    Turning 18

    Hello! So I am a minor guest advocate at target and I will be turning 18 in a few months! I would just like to know, what kind of changes to my schedule may I experience after not being a minor anymore? I just want to know so that it can still match with school! Thank you!
  16. T

    Answered Retail Sales Lead

    I got an offer from indeed to apply for a Tech lead job. I saw some reviews on glass door, but from people who currently work at Target, how is that job? Also, how does it fit in the hierarchy? Is it a normal floor position, supervisor role, etc?
  17. Duval904Man

    Positive update

    I don’t wanna make what I post a constant blog but I wanna take a moment to thank everyone who has given me good advice. The last two work shifts have been solid gold for me and I was actually thanked by a few coworkers who seen my efforts as the new Cart Attendant and know I’m actually trying...
  18. Duval904Man

    Another Cart Attendant post

    Haven’t posted in weeks but I’ve made it to a month as Cart Attendant and a few weeks ago I talked to my HR about maybe moving to Market in the future which she said may or may not happen even though I was trained that one day to help them out for some reason and I felt comfortable with it. But...
  19. cobycord

    What Makes The Difference Between a Nightmare and a Dream

    So I’ve heard and seen all the posts and forum discussions on the bs, the undercutting, the work place politics, the stresses, etc that make life miserable workin for spot....but on the other hand you see all these people posting all over social media of how choosing Target and working at Target...
  20. U

    I'm Lost! Application status

    I used to work for the UDC back in 2018 but left due to scheduling conflicts. Recently applied, got an offer letter and orientation date. Three days later I received an denial email... “We wanted to let you know, however, that based on information regarding your employment status with Target, we...