Interview for TL tips/questions

I will be interviewing to become a Hardlines TL soon. I have been conducting mock interviews with several of my ETLs and just recently with my STL. My STL thinks I am pretty solid I just have to fine tune a few things. I was just wondering if anyone here had tips for the actual interviews, particularly with the DTL. My DTL is pretty nice, intimidating at times, but nice none the less. Thanks!

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While we aren't allowed to post specific interview questions, there's nothing wrong with posting generalized questions and ideal answers, along with other interview strategies.
I've got a TL interview on Monday with my STL. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
It's very important that you focus on:

1) (Obviously) The situation: What happened? Why is it relevant?

2) What did you learn from it? Expound on that. Show why this particular situation helped you grow and develop as a leader/individual. So someone punched you in the face? How did that black-eye teach you about leadership/retail/life? Obviously an overly dramatic statement, but you get the idea. Explain, in detail, why this situation helped you develop.

3) How is this going to help your future ability as a leader? So that guy punched you in the face, how do you use that in the future? How does this black-eye make you a better TL at Target? This portion is intended to show how you can apply lessons in a forward manner.

Does that all make sense? Feel free to PM if it doesn't.
That does all make perfect sense. In fact, I really know all of this stuff already, as some of these sorts of things are a bit obvious, you know? I guess I just want to make sure I'm surepremely prepared for it all.