Archived Inventory: Hindenburg to Titanic level of disaster

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Jun 16, 2011
If you are not done with your inventory this year, be afraid. Very afraid.

When our inventory was done, the inventory people, whom God/Evolution blessed them with opposable thumbs which is the reason they were hired, were pulling everything out and counting them and then stored them in one location per shelf instead of each shelf having several different locations. Their screw up was so massive that if they just locu'ed the entire backroom then it would have been easier to deal with. The entire backroom had to be subtracted and then added back to the system. They had to ship in team members from other stores to help fix this problem.

A lot of the locations in the backroom were wrong and it took them two days to figure out why everything was just so wrong back there. They thought the computer had fried itself and talked to tech support before they figured it out.

Electronics stockroom is just fine because I watched them put everything back in and scan it, they were the actually the best counters we have ever had because their counts were accurate.

/Off to cry in a corner.
Sounds like your store needed more people like you standing behind them slapping their little paws when they did something stupid.
Ours is done and so far (knock on wood) no major disasters.
It if weren't Target being a publicly-traded company, we probably won't even need this unnecessary inventory.
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