Is servant Leadership a thing in your store?


May 23, 2015
Uh, 100% positive this exact same question was asked by @amber19renee83 practically word for word....


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Jul 2, 2018
Do you know what it is and what are your thoughts? We hear about it everyday at my store.
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We have one LOD that does this at our store and everyone loves him. I think someone does need to address management training. There used to be a time that team members would work really hard for certain leaders because they liked or respected them at our store, but now (from what I hear on the salesfloor) no one trusts them, let alone likes them at our store. Employees that have been there 10 years talk about doing something else because they don't like how management works. It's sad. There's one thing for an employee to not like management because who really likes there boss? But, then it's another thing when new, semi-new, and older employees all have the same negative perception about management. So, I'm sure someone with some expertise will come in and solve this problem, I am hoping, for the benefit of the employees. The managers that "work their butts off" seem to get spoken respect from team members whether that motivates them to work harder, I don't know. We only have 3 leaders at our store that have the wide spread reputation of working their butts off, one is a GSTL, but even he talks about guests in their presence and eats at guest services. I guess no one is perfect or even a model of excellence. One who I am not including in my list of 3, is one most would consider to be a model of excellence, but has a reputation of shafting team members in scheduling, being manipulative, and disingenuous. :( Very sad.

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Sep 16, 2017
ASANTS. I think my store does a great job of it and the team is close-knit. Some TMs think some ETLs can be micro-managers from time-to-time, and I agree, but their opinion is fairly positive. We try to lean toward education over punishment but that leaves some TMs who try to take advantage of it or disregard policy thinking we are too leanient- and that’s when PDDs and CCAs become more prevent, then subside for a while.

On a side note, the 2 ETLs that all of the TMs absolutely love working for because they’re “down to earth” are also the laziest from a leaders prospective. Spot’s caliber of leadership and hiring expectations will always leave a lot to be desired.