Archived Is there really only 1 target in Oregon?

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Jun 8, 2011
That is it, that's my question, when I looked online I only see 1 in Bend Oregon? Is there really only 1?
Okay I dont know why but when I did a search on only 1 comes up but a google search brought up a ton of them... weird. Okay forget I asked.
The Bend store opened in 1997. (I grew up in Bend) Beaverton, Tigard, the south Hillsboro location, medford and clackamas all opened in the mid to late 80s. There might be a few more that opened in that decade. I've been to a few of the 80s ones and all have since been remodeled. (with clackamas having the major one with moving food ave to the front bellow the offices. something I thought could not be done due to the vents being needed. though I guess the extra few feed they added on the front, thats where the vents went)
There are at least five or six in Portland alone. I know because I got a flu shot at one because the other one didn't believe that I worked at Target.
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