Keys and Zebras should have an RFID tag on them at all times

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Sep 30, 2022
All keys and Zebra batteries and devices should have an RFID tag on them so we can easily locate them if they are misplaced or lost. Keys should also have an alarm tag that goes off when they leave the store.

Electric chairs should have RFID and an alarm when it leaves the store as well but also alerts if it’s outside for more than a set amount of time so a TM knows to get it (so it doesn’t get damaged by vehicles/weather/animals)

AP walkies should have an RFID tag incase they get misplaced or lost because of the extra channels they have
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RFID is an inventory control (😂) system, not an equipment locator. Nobody has time to scan the store with an RFID gun looking for a lost walkie. ASANTS, but the inconsistent way RFID worked at my store that equipment would be lost forever anyway, not to mention the fact that anyone hiding equipment would just peel off the RFID tag.

Our lock-up keys do have alarm tiles attached to the key rings, so that they set off the security alarm if taken out of the store.
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