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Jun 11, 2011
Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but does anyone know if we get time and half tomorrow?
That figures, I'm not available on Mondays. (glares at Monday professor and the management at my other job)
I usually work on Monday nights as a closing cashier. The schedule with Labor Day on it had me listed as "OFF" they gave me Tuesday "OFF".
Yesterday they called and asked me to pick-up a shift later in the week....I said I would. Then about two hours later they called me back and left a message asking me if I wanted to come in since there had been a call-off. Well, I wasn't home to get the "want to come in message" and if I had been my answer would have been "no." I mean, it is frustrating when I usually work on Monday nights and then have Labor Day my mind if they hadn't scheduled me to be there then they didn't need don't expect me to come in! (even if it is for time and a half!)

I know that I'm missing out on the extra pay, but it really aggravated me to have the day off in the first place....and then to ask me to come in?? go figure.
I wish I worked labor day. I had nothing planned and of course I was off. Ugh........ I heard it was dead though lol
I worked Labor Day and our store was crazy. It seemed like most people were doing their major grocery shopping. Was working grocery side and had many, many overflowing carts in my lane. Lots of calls for backups, too. I was so tired when I left at 5!:lazy:
It was crazy busy at my store. They heard we were open.
I’m expecting Labor Day to be a zoo that day! The best deals happen that weekend and day I’m expecting to be busy Friday through Monday the Labor Day weekend
Omg see I used to hate when my old job did that shit but wit target I never care lol...good luck at least they gave you heads up about it instead of Monday morning lol at like 6 am
My store was pretty quiet Friday aft/evening. Nice change after being mega busy all week.

On holiday weekends we are super busy (and underscheduled) from open til early afternoon, and then nice and quiet.
Why does target stay open to 11 pm or midnight on holidays like Monday Labor Day. When most all other retails close at 5 or 6 pm.

Super dead after 6 pm. Good times to catch up on the zone or pushing truck
I am going to labor on Labor Day.

To all those working like this to see just how many team members getting that time in a half all day 18 dollars an hour.
clock in 5 minutes early and clock out 15 minutes late it’s time and a half, well earned.
My ETLs come down hard on anyone clocking in early. :( Store opening is always fun when the guest are in before the employees.
Fun Fact: I did some quick research on SharePoint and discovered your DC friends make x1.5 and equal amount of vacation hours banked into their vacation allotment.
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