labor day pay


Ho hum....I'm watching you!
I usually work on Monday nights as a closing cashier. The schedule with Labor Day on it had me listed as "OFF" they gave me Tuesday "OFF".
Yesterday they called and asked me to pick-up a shift later in the week....I said I would. Then about two hours later they called me back and left a message asking me if I wanted to come in since there had been a call-off. Well, I wasn't home to get the "want to come in message" and if I had been my answer would have been "no." I mean, it is frustrating when I usually work on Monday nights and then have Labor Day my mind if they hadn't scheduled me to be there then they didn't need don't expect me to come in! (even if it is for time and a half!)

I know that I'm missing out on the extra pay, but it really aggravated me to have the day off in the first place....and then to ask me to come in?? go figure.


Free At Last!
I worked Labor Day and our store was crazy. It seemed like most people were doing their major grocery shopping. Was working grocery side and had many, many overflowing carts in my lane. Lots of calls for backups, too. I was so tired when I left at 5!:lazy: