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Leadership Expectations

Nov 24, 2013
Just wondering if someone could post the Target "leadership expectations" and examples for each


Former Team Leader
May 19, 2013
Just wondering if someone could post the Target "leadership expectations" and examples for each
Information from late 2013:

personal leadership
  • Resilient and Adaptable: Reacts to change, ambiguity, and uncertainty with confidence and openness; seeks new experiences to develop his/her capabilities; solicits and acts on feedback; learns from experience.
  • Demonstrates accountability: Accepts responsibility for one's own performance/actions; follows through on commitments; treats others fairly and consistently and protects confidential information; acts with integrity.
  • Demonstrates courage: Confronts difficult issues despite personal risk or discomfort and supports others who do so; takes risks and champions new ideas.
Team leadership
  • Collaborates: Works effectively with others to meet goals and satisfy multiple business objectives; gets buy-in on stakeholders by developing and maintaining strong relationships with internal and external partners; fosters and inclusive culture.
  • Relates well to others: is inclusive and respectful; works well with others regardless of their level or background; deals with disagreements or different points of view constructively; maintains positive relationships even under difficult circumstances.
  • Communicates effectively: listens attentively and with empathy to concerns expressed by others; tailors message to the audience; keeps people up to date with information; speaks and writes clearly and concisely; encourages others to express their views, even unpopular ones.
  • Manages talent: Gives clear, motivating, and constructive feedback; provides challenging assignments and coaching to facilitate individual development; willingly shares expertise and experience with others; takes action quickly when performance is not meeting expectations; champions the importance of a talented and diverse workforce.
  • Engages and inspires others: Conveys trust in people's competence to do their jobs; creates a feeling of energy, excitement, and personal investment; inspires others to excel; rewards and recognizes great performance.
Thought Leadership
  • Solves problems: Seeks out and considers appropriate data, intuition, ideas, and experience to make decisions and solve problems; effectively and efficiently integrates information from diverse sources.
  • Strategizes: Thinks critically; anticipates long-term challenges and trends; understands implications of decisions; translates ideas and concepts into practical applications; sees how his/her work relates to the work of other teams and the organization as a whole; knows which people in the organization need to be informed, what they need to know, and when to tell them.
  • Innovates: generates new ideas that add value; nurtures fresh approaches and appropriate risk taking; seeks alternative points of view; approaches problems with curiosity and generates creative solutions.
Results Leadership
  • Manages execution: organizes, coordinates, and manages resources, time, and people to achieve key goals and objectives; prioritizes goals and uses resources while considering both strategy and efficiency; works quickly to get things done.
  • Drives for results: Fosters a sense of urgency and commitment to achieve goals and create a guest-focused environment; takes initiative to proactively address critical issues.
  • Maximize Productivity: Identifies ways to streamline and improve efficiency of work; ensures that defined processes, quality standards, and best practices are adopted and updates; drives continuous improvements.

Those are all the leadership expectations, divided out into their respective categories! I believe everyone is supposed to have two strengths and one opportunity!
Jun 21, 2019
This will likely be my only post on this site. I just got fired from my job as GMTL (I had previously served, in order over the course of an eight-year period, as cart attendant → cashier → sales floor TM → Electronics TM → Flow TM → Backroom TM → Presentation TM → Presentation TL → Pricing and Presentation TL → Backroom TL → Backroom and Fulfillment TL → GMTL) due to inadequate performance (long story which I won’t bore you all with, but I take ownership of 95% of that). During that time several of my TMs mentioned this site, so now that I am suddenly unemployed, I thought I’d finally check the site out. As I cleaned out my area in the TL office, I realized that the only thing I had of value that I took home with me was this single sheet of brittle, yellowed, and fraying paper, “Leadership Expectations,” which had hung on the corkboard over my desk area continuously for the last six years, ever since I became a TL. I re-read it for the first time in more than a year, and all the reasons I joined the company and applied to get on the TL bench came rushing back in a flood of memories. The sheet of paper was beginning to crumble and tear, and a couple words were nearly illegible (from my having moved the piece of paper from corkboard to corkboard as my office got moved three times during the course of multiple remodels), so I googled “Leadership Expectations” to see if this were available online, and I was gratified to see that it was here (though the text is not a verbatim copy of the original, it is close enough to convey the general idea). This one-page document was the reason I stuck with the company all these years, even when other more lucrative opportunities were available; I really believed in the company’s mission, and I still believe earnestly in these values and principles to this day. I’ve tried my best to live up to them in the way I treated all my TMs, even when they were not similarly treated by my superiors, and even as I myself struggled to live up to the expectations my own execs had of me. When these values and principles are upheld, modeled, and lived by TMs, TLs, and execs, Target is still an amazing company to work for; and if or when one leaves, carrying these values and principles with you will ready you and gird you for whatever challenges await you in what lies ahead. I still believe in these values, and even though I am no longer a part of the company, I will carry these principles with me, whether to the next company or organization I work for, or to whatever small business I may hope to start (still haven’t decided what my next course of action will be). In a very real way, in my next line of work, or if I start my own business, these are the values that will be the moral and ethical bedrock on which I’ll build the rest of my professional career; in a way, ethically, morally, and spiritually, I hope to “out-Target even Target,” and I will forever be grateful to Target for introducing me to this bold philosophy of leadership, irrespective of how often or not we’ve ourselves fallen short of these aspirational goals. This bold vision is still there, buried in Target’s company DNA, and it is up to each individual to decide how much she believes it is worth living, putting into practice, and turning into reality. I hope to be true to that bold vision, even as I move on to other opportunities; you can take a TM out of Target, but you can’t completely take Target out of a former TM. Good luck and best wishes to everyone! :)


May 19, 2019
I can think of a few leaders who may need to be reminded of these. I have seen too many people take leadership positions simply because they want more money and more power. While those things are very nice to have, they are not what should be people’s driving force. Leadership is hard. Often it means putting in more than you get out of it, but being okay with that. Always put your team first, they will love you for it. And, too often I see leaders who just expect that their teams will respect them no matter what. Hate to break it to you, but you have to earn your team’s respect.

Thank you for posting these. It’s nice to be reminded of why I am in this position, and to help me realign myself for the sake of my team. We are not always perfect, so it’s good to re-evaluate where I’m at.