Loss prevention.

Aug 22, 2021
I was in self checkout tonight and my child double scanned an item. I called the worker over to remove it and loss prevention quickly entered a red card into the reader, removed it and walked away quickly. Didn't interact with me at all. Then the team member proceeded to take the item off.

I felt targeted by loss prevention 😂 Is this a new thing? Does this allow them to review the transaction or something later?
Loss Prevention is now required, especially during the holidays, to make rounds and go to the payment pads and they slide something in to make sure there is nothing in the machine that is capturing unsuspecting guests cc #s . Loss prevention probably should of just waited till you were done but went ahead and did it anyway. What they slide in is red.
Another case of the lousy crooks making life difficult for honest people. Or maybe just inconvenient in some ways. It's no fun feeling suspected of doing something wrong.