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Oct 15, 2011
I have been working at Target for 2.5 years and for the past year have been working in the freezer/coolers back stocking the P-fresh trucks.

I recently decided that I am tired of being overweight and hired a personal trainer and began working out. Two days ago worked out my arms and accidently pulled a muscle. My trainer recognized that he made a mistake but it didn't hurt too much. Two days later I woke up with extreme soreness and muscle weakness. I went to work anyway and worked from 5am to 8am, I then told my TL that I may have to go home and she said to stretch a little and give it a try. I worked for 1.5 more hours and finally gave up. She was nice and very professional about it.

Then I left work.

My girlfriend came home about 3 hours later and was worried because my TL and the Senior TL being very disrespectful towards me and claiming that I should find a new job.

I immediately went back to the store and spoke to an ETL and he said I would have to work the next 2 days until the HR Exec came back. I feel very uncomfortable working with these people and do not know what my rights as a TM are at this point (If any).

As of now I want to call in sick for the next 2 days and wait for HR to get back, but I'm afraid that will solidify me losing my job.

Any advice?
If you are sick or injured, no employer can make you work through it for fire you for that reason. If your TL was nice about it, I wouldn't worry too much. Was the ETL you spoke to the ETL of your workcenter? If not, I would contact your ETL, the STL, or the current LOD and get their opinion on what you should do. If they think you should come in and work and you just can't do it, ask them if you can work on something else and someone else can work in the freezers for you.

Addendum: I would see if there's anything that your HR can do right away. If not, then contact the above listed.
I don't know if you can afford it but there is the is the medical option.
Go to a doctor, get a note and there isn't a frelling thing they can do about it.
What about the issue of two Tl discussing my job and whether I should be fired in front of my live-in girlfriend?

Edit: They apparently said derogatory things to her about my leaving work and claimed it was the most ridiculous thing they have ever heard.
That you should report to HR.
They are being totally unprofessional and should be talked to about it.
However don't expect to hear about the results.
If they are dressed down for talking in front of her you won't be told about it.
Ok, forget the "nice" TL, the two-faced b***h. I would document it and report to HR. If they do nothing, call the Integrity Hotline.
Stupid question to op, what did your lod say after your tl spoke to them about it?

LOD was nowhere in sight, the Senior Team Lead was a part of the conversation with my TL, in front of my girlfriend. I went back hours later (when I heard about it) and the LOD at the time told me to wait until he had spoken with HR on Monday or Tuesday.

I'm going to work tomorrow, and confronting them directly with the LOD present to ask for an explanation.

Thanks for the replies guys.
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