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Dec 2, 2013
My store has been missing sales a lot, how does this effect the store as a whole? I've worked two stores, was an electronics team member, and store was #1 in the district. I currently work at another store as a hard lines team member. While I was an electronics team member I had the most hours, red cards, and warranties, attachments were my weakness. I was in charge of seasonal and toys on top of electronics. In my new store electronics members rarely answer calls and there's go backs are done by hard lines members. An ETL was so amazed at my zone she bragged about it to fellow mangers. My coworkers, not all don't zone correctly just pull stuff forward, don't accurately use a PDA, back room over stocks push which leaves clutter, I'm constantly back stocking it. Guest service sort items incorrectly which wastes my time, have not once responded to my calls on the walkie. Most of our equipment has been misplaced that half our members on the floor are left sharing. Members are not at fault due to lack of training I'm sure. I've tried giving managers feedback on the areas members lack knowledge. Along how certain few departments lack motivation cause to me one area fails we all fail but it falls to deaf ears. What can I do to make them see my concerns? We don't even sign out equipment like at my other store either. It's like no one cares, not even manager which members look at for leadership and motivation, it's starting to get frustrating. I wanna make target my life, move up in management and consider target a crucial necessity for any community. My old store mangers would check your zone after closing by walking every aisle, if you were a little behind would get someone who was done or available to help you. Someone please HELP!


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Aug 21, 2013
One word.


If you can

This seems to be from what I've read a very badly run store and if it was me...I would get up from such a falling and failing structure I don't think a call to the Integrity hotline would even help but seems like your STL's job is at stake due to lack of delegation amoung other things
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Jun 8, 2011
You can run away as super suggests. But, if you can't transfer, the best team survey is your best bet, in this case. I would keep on trying to be stellar at your current store. You didn't say if you are going to school or available during the day. Eventually, your dtl will catch up with your stl & it's poor processes. Good chance, the dtl will show them the door.
Hang in there!


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Jun 10, 2011
Wish we could help but really all we can do is offer an ear for you to vent to.
This kind of piss poor management isn't all that uncommon but in the long run it will catch up them.
You can only hope you don't get caught in the cross fire.

Keep your head down.
Don't let them pin anything on you.
Do your job well and make sure people know it.
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