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Mar 9, 2013
I started working at Target while in HS. I worked full time hours(35ish) while in HS for a good while. I was simultaneously taking a full course load of AP and honors classes. At the time I was just happy to be away from my parents.
After HS I continued on to the local community college(literally across the street from my HS) and continued working at Target.
Throughout this time I was recognized as an incredible worker and I regularly had TLs and ETLs ask why I was still there.
After a bit I transferred from the CC to the top ranking research university that was nearby. I majored in Math-Econ and minored in Statistics and Accounting. At this time I cut my hours at Target drastically and focused more on internships.
I quit Target last June to pursue another opportunity which eventually converted into a full time position.

I learned a lot at Target. I grew and developed socially. I also learned that retail is NOT for me.

I now work as an operations strategy analyst at an F500 firm with a heavy technology focus. On an hourly basis, I make nearly twice as much as the ETLs and I'm eligible for overtime. I'm surprised by how fulfilling a desk job actually is. At times though I do miss meandering through the aisles and helping the randoms in their quest for whatever material items they might need.

My suggestions:
Get the most from your time at Target. Ask every guest you can if they need help. This will build confidence. You're being paid to learn how to handle "difficult clients". This is precious learning.
Transition into an area that's relevant. I emphasized the time I worked in electronics on my resume. My 6 year part time job turned into 6 years of highly relevant experience. I got interviews with top firms such as Deloitte Consulting, Capgemini and Goldman Sachs. Target helped, though in full honesty so did the experience at the other large firms I worked at and the ample leadership experience I developed through extracurriculars at school.
Don't be needlessly loyal. Target has its upsides, but for many people their talents would be better utilized elsewhere. If I were to work at Target again(I'm open to it), it would be corporate side.

If anyone has any questions on life after Target, let me know.


Mar 17, 2013
how were you able to balance school and work?

did target accommodate your school schedule or did they just end up cutting your hours?

and what do you now at your new job? is it more work than target?

congrats though on your success you should go back to your old target and humble brag to all your former bosses that are still there that you make more than them now

GL on your future goals

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