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Sep 23, 2011
So here I am, far less alcohol in my system, and a cooler head in general. I apologize:

1) For insulting the Air Force. I have my opinions of that branch of the military in general, but to be so disrespectful was uncalled for. Everyone does their part, I'll leave it at that.

2) To those I may have offended in general. I promise I'm a generally good guy, but we all have our moments, especially after a rough day, and when thoroughly drunk. Rest assured, my general venom towards that other guy had less to do with him, and more to do with old wounds.

3) To my Army brothers in general, I acted like a complete ass, and made us all look bad in the process. Live and learn.

Took a bit of time away from TBR, but I truly am sorry for how I behaved, it was bad. None of you know me, you're opinion of me is largely irrelevant to my life, or my opinion of myself. That being said, being a grade a d-bag is never ok, not ever. So... my bad.
Now we need you over at Fantasy Target.
Got some real jerks at the service desk demanding a "person of authority" to approve their absurd returns (not). And my soda fountain pumps just exploded.
everybody does things that aren't brand, as long as it's for your developement, then there was a positive side to it.
Not open for further replies.