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My coworker hates me and everyone around me!!!

Jun 16, 2012
I have a condescending cashier coworker constantly complaining. Nobody even likes her, not even my ETL-HR. I'm not the first to complain about her, and I'm sure I won't be the last!
She tries to tell everyone what to do!
Tell me about your annoying co-workers
Jun 18, 2011
For the most part people like that tend to burn themselves out and eventually get replaced.

Try what I do -- treat everybody evenly and honestly -- respect from you might earned with time - but don't give it out to them without them earning it.

You will not change anyone - but - with time in ( life - not this job ) you should be able to read people a little bit.

"Uh - Oh - hear comes ETL XXXX - I know hes gonna complain about something" --- that's his job --

"Oh - there's TL XXXXXX - she always has a nice thing to say as she asks me to do something" --

"I gotta walk past cashier woman - there's a good chance she will bust my balls about something" ---- Look you already braced yourself --- so anything negative is gonna just roll off your back --

And the biggie - my personal favorite --- "LISTEN TO HOW THEY TALK ABOUT OTHERS" - If your standing with anyone and TL / ETL / STL - whoever - and weather anything is said between the 3 of you or not -- as he / she walks away ---- and they say - "That prick XXXX ????" There's a 99.9 % there talking about you the same way ---

Personally - the people in my store who are at least polite to everyone ---- I bend over backwards for ---- but that's me

You dont have to like everybody in your store --- except your SFT ------