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Jun 12, 2011
Hey team,

did anybody else participate in the annual event earlier tonight? We partnered with another local Target and had two tables at a school. We had sillybands, beach balls, gift bags from pharmacy (stickers, booklets, hand sanitizer), and a bonanza of dollar spot items to give away. All in all, our team had a great night of giving out some free things to the community!

Our STL was even on hand, which was really cool of him to do.
we had a lot of TM's from at least 3 stores that I know of for sure. We did raffles for bookbags and bikes and a guess how many suckers game. We gave away silly bands safety lights and chalk. Facepainting, Hot dogs and Drinks and Chips, a bounce house, volleyball and ummm ... i think that was about it. It was good times.:thumbsup:
They had it planned to go for 5 hours, I left early since I had a baby with me and he was getting tired. I doubt it went on for that long. It started to rain anyways.
I did one as well, although ours got cut short due to a really nasty thunderstorm that was approaching. We gave away sidewalk chalk, silly bands, and did face painting. It was pretty fun.
We used to do lots but the last 2 yrs have been zip, nade, nichts. :disappoint:
Our entire store's management did and somehow, between the announcement on the radios and in-store advertising, every single thief within 20 miles came in and hammered us all night.

If I ever find out who puts the planning for these things together....
Oh we did. It was a lot of fun, but freakin HOT!! We did the silly bands and sidewalk chalk. We also had free food and drinks.
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