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Just explain the situation to your etl and that you didn't have enough notice before the schedule was made or find somebody who will take your shift and ask your etl if its ok
I'd still talk to them and explain the situation. Maybe talk to the ctl and see if they'd be willing to switch the weekend because of the circumstance? I mean, it's not like you're saying "Hey, I got invited to this sweet party and was wondering...." it's a family situation, maybe they'll understand...
Whether they are okay with it or not, Target will survive. For me family will always come before target. Always.

Just like its stock holders before team members.
either get someone to take your hours and avoid everything or just explain to them whats going on.... offer to work during the time off requested instead maybe too?
If you present it as an internship would that count for LOA? Its not for school but it is a short term project.
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