I'm Lost! Need help with Point Of Sales Terminal

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Nov 26, 2011
I'm in australia and im curious if the point of sales terminal (front counter computer), is the same as in America because im new and had a few questions about it...
1)If a customer asked me to put money on his card, do i need to scan the card first then input the desired value or.. ?
2)gift cards... do they just need to be scanned then DONE!?
3)Lay-by card.. how do i process them on the point of sales terminal?

Different companies = different systems. Sorry!
I'm not sure how the POS system that you guys have in Australia works, but as far as your first two questions, that's how gift cards work on our system in the US. I'm not sure what a lay-by card is though. Your best bet would be to ask your supervisor since none of us are familiar with the Australian POS system.
Verify with your supervisor but #1 & #2 generally required the cards to be swiped first before adding $$ unless your home menu page gives you an option before swipe.
I'm not familiar with the Lay-by protocols so, again, verify with your supervisor.
Apart from the logo + name (which they paid Target Corp for the rights), Target AU is its own indepedent company with no ties to Target corp.
Alright I think we got it covered. Thread closed.
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