New at Target and Consumables

Aug 26, 2022
So, Target is my first job. I was passed for the application and was given two choices between deli or consumables. I chose consumables because I believed that stocking would be suitable for me however my ideal choice was mainly produce or the beauty department. My first day in the consumables department was not really what I expected. In consumables, you mainly need to push heavy U-boats and carts full of shipments for stocking and after that, you would be back stocking. I know this is tough but I thought I could do it. I’ll just say I am 5’3 and 97 lbs and I am honestly afraid I won’t be able to do the job. However, what made me feel worse that day was my trainer. My trainer would sigh whenever I did something wrong or asked a question. This made me feel awful. I felt useless and just bad that I didn’t know anything. He did say that if I ever need anything, I can ask him questions but sometimes he would just sigh or his attitude made it sound like he doesn’t want me to be there. After this experience, I don’t know if Target is the right place for me.
I just, the thing is I kind of know the trainer and they know my friend as well. They went to my friend and told them that they were an idiot for recommending Target to me and also told her I was hard-headed when I did not feel very comfortable asking him questions. I would just go to other workers and ask questions because I’m afraid of his attitude.
Go to your HR and ask them to have someone else train you. Explain your hesitation to stay at Target because of how this trainer is making you feel. It's much less hassle to switch your trainer than to have you quit and have to start all over again with someone else.
I am 5’2 and 109 pounds. In produce. I stock 80 gallons of milk before 5am, followed by unloading a truck and pushing heavy things, the same as every other department. Even one spot has big boxes. Go for cashier.
We have people just as small as you or smaller in consumables and even on inbound. Don't be afraid or too stubborn to ask questions. Also, beauty is pushing heavy, God-awful U-boats too. Don't let the name of the area fool you lol... and it's a lot of back stock of a lot of smaller things. However, if you're interested in beauty you'd need to apply for specialty sales. You're in GM so you were hired for a different department.
Your trainer is probably frustrated more at the job then at you. Training someone is slower then doing it themselves and they probably can't get as much done as they'd like. If you fall behind it's hard to catch back up. If you know your trainer I wouldn't recommend going to hr unless they do something inappropriate as it could make it awkward for yourself away from target. You will be working with this person almost everyday so try and work it out with them first.
As for yourself, give it a chance. If you need help ask. You will build muscles pretty quickly. It is a difficult job with unrealistic expectations and can be overwhelming. In the end the job isn't hard because of what we do. It is hard because of the amount of work we have to do. Your friend was right in not recommending spot to work. It isn't what it used to be.
Thank you for your replies everyone! Honestly, I had a great time working on my last shift. The environment was different and the other coworkers were welcoming! All I needed was to give myself a chance and be patient with myself. I decided to change trainers because I believe that I will not be able to work with my first trainer. I considered leaving things alone but I believe that I wouldn’t be able to successfully work with him in a good attitude and possibly just like you said he must be very stressed training me so I hope I made a good choice. I do know the trainer but I do not see myself as close friends with him and only as coworkers, because I did not appreciate the fact that he would message my close friend calling her an idiot or even saying things about me. However, it’s alright! I will keep holding my head up and open up to consumables. I’ve decided to master in consumables first then train for other positions in case they need support on some days. :) Thank you everyone!
It takes time and support from leadership/trainers. I’m sorry your first day was rough. I’m a FB Leader and I always make sure my newbies are taken care of and given a fair chance. Doesn’t sound like they did that for you…