AI at Target

Web surfing, email, web purchasing, light videos, youtubes is all this stupid old redneck needs. I'm sure I'm not alone. Much of the new tech is irritating, time consuming and for some of us totally useless. No need for A I offering suggestions when writing. I'll write and compose whatever the fuck I want and I don't need nor want any assistance.
workbench is usually if not always up to date imo
Sometimes I have a hard time finding something that I know is on there some place. Last week it was the "Bin Change Form" for compost bins. I don't have space to keep more than a stack in the steel. I liked it better when I could order directly from GoCart when I need some . I usually get 6 but DC automatically sent just 4. I did the chage form for more and received zero in the last 10 days.
Is the A I shit really necessary? simplify, enjoy life and reduce information sharing.
I've ranted about this before, but the AI-generated descriptions some sellers are using on Ebay now are hilariously bad. A paragraph of flowery nonsense that provides no pertinent information about the item.
Example: ai filling a sentence letter by letter with extraneous bullshit. Looking up stall speeds and crosswind components for two single engine general aviation airplanes. 15 lines of crap when it could have been expressed in a simple graph. 2 ordinate dots 2 abscissa dots and 2 graph lines. Simple.
Got to try the AI out today at my pilot store, and it seems pretty useful, if limited. It can tell you almost anything about the roles or positions of Target, but seems to be limited to what is on workbench, meaning it frequently says outdated or incorrect-to-store data, or seemingly gets things wrong sometimes (it recognized Project DeLorean, but thought it was an old drive-up remodel.) I can see it being really useful for new TMs especially, who don't have time to look through a billion pages of workbench to find the specific answer to their question