1. B

    Purging backroom location with Zebra

    I always used LOCU on the PDA to clear backroom locations is their a way to quickly do this on the zebra?
  2. RealFuckingName

    Full features of Zebra PDA

    How do you get to your personal metrics? What other features should I explore. I'm not the most tech savvy. What else should I learn on it. I've gotten very little training, except what I need for picking and prepping.
  3. Sushi2Go

    I'm Lost! How to check SFS productivity stats for TM on zebra?

    How do I check the real time SFS stats for individual tm's? The only thing I saw on MPM was the overall stats.
  4. Sushi2Go

    I'm Lost! How to send ticket to CSC?

    I'm suppose to send a ticket to CSC to fix an issue with a POG, is that through mysupport?
  5. Kentoine75


    How do you tie/untie something to/from a location? And does the same method work on an end cap?
  6. T


    How do I use mysupport? I have items that have UPCs but no DPCIs. Navigating through mysupport was proving to be frustrating.
  7. M

    Rewrap/repackage gone?

    Has anyone else had trouble with rewrapping items? It has disappeared from online items and from all the screens on my work. I also tried at the service desk and that's gone too. Anyone know what happened? They always take things away without any notifications
  8. S

    Target Zebra phone

    How do I transfer a call from one department to another using the Target Zebra phone when logged in?
  9. Calico Tapeworm

    How Do You Keep Your Device?

    Do you stick in a pocket? Wear it on your belt? What about your walkie?
  10. Calico Tapeworm

    How Do I Find Our Department Sales Goal On MyDevice?

    It’s to be posted it in the stockroom daily, but I don’t know where to access that number. What’s the purpose of this? Is there something I should be doing to make sure this goal is achieved?
  11. mizl

    I'm Lost! TM's old name showing up on myDevice?

    I have a team member who legally changed their name years ago but whose old name is still showing up on their myDevice (you know, in the menu in myWork like "hi _______"). They said they've been trying to get that fixed for years with no leads. The old name doesn't seem to show up anywhere else...
  12. J

    I'm Lost! Having a hard time understanding device

    So... I’ve been working on the floor for about 3 weeks and am slowly learning as I go but this device is unlike anything I’ve ever used at my past retail jobs. I understand it has a purpose ankeeps thin ha organized but I’m having a hard time understanding the terminologies that are used and...
  13. MarketMayhem


    So having a daily routine helps productivity A LOT. So as I'm getting in the groove A typical day goes like this: Auto pull C&S Uboats, sfq, zone, audit, backstock Heavy zone. Reshop Which is already alot. Nevermind all the Salesplans, transitions, and Pricing that seemed to happen all at...
  14. V

    I'm Lost! Price change 2.0

    We are a test store that started this week. Of course no info is given to team members until it happens. As a receiver, members are bringing me pc salvage that was missed and saying they can't salvage it out. I can't figured it out either. I've asked ( old job title I know) etl logistics...
  15. B

    Lack of Devices + Pointless Huddles = Major Time Suckage

    Wow, things have really changed since I worked at Target years ago. Things didn't seem as rushed and chaotic as they are now. What happened over the last decade to get it to this point?! I'm not sure if this is normal, but the store that I work at doesn't have nearly enough devices for all of...
  16. S


    The team members were informed that autofills will no longer exist. Question? Is that why the manual cafs are so huge now??
  17. KillerTL

    SFQ in Audit or MyWork???

    Ok so everyone says something different in our store. When fixing SFQ should you do it in Audit? Or under manage inventory in mywork? Or does it even matter anymore lol. I know in audit we are being told not to audit numbers down but only up.
  18. S


    How do I set the alert for flexible fulfillment? Before, I would do that through the alert icon.
  19. C

    Equipment sign out

    How. Does your store sign equipment out? My store is soooo unorganized you can never find the paper or name because some how the papers get mixed up with other days so I just make sure to sign out of the device because I’m not gonna look through the 100 pages of daily logs or find my name to...
  20. beautysavage911

    Sales Floor Losing mydevices

    Have y’all ever lost a mydevice? I remember I lost one my first week of work omg I was shitting my fucking pants 😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀