1. G

    New fulfillment tm metrics

    Can I get everyone's opinion on the new metrics? If you have a tm schedule 7 hours, clocked in 6.5 hours, hiw long do you think they should be "in app"? What do you think is a good "in app %"? This tm has only picked, not packed or prepped. What does your store consider the minimum standard...
  2. R

    Receiving Pilot is Not Going Forward!

    Got word this week that they killed the Receiving Pilots that were rolled out to some stores. Guess they figured out that it wasn't working well at most stores. I'm curious to see how much stores will roll back to the old way because I know some stores made huge changes to their receiving areas...
  3. U

    Zebra -> Workbench

    Just checking if anyone can still access Workbench from your Zebra in MyDay? Off the top of my head I think it's.. Tools (at the bottom of the screen) -> Workbench (at the top). Chrome pops up and depending on some Zebra it logs you in automatically or you have to log manually. I don't know...
  4. S

    Does anyone answer my help/my support anymore?

    This last year or so I get maybe 10% chance someone responds and when they do its usually a copy-paste/auto reply or not very helpful. Do better Target.
  5. A

    New devices

    Our store just got TC58 devices! They are way better than the old ones. Faster, way better battery, lighter, bigger screen and way better scanner.
  6. R

    Broken One for One Counts

    Does anyone have more info on this weeks problem with One for One pulls being a mess because the system thinks we have none on hand. It almost seems like the system thinks we have not acknowledged the truck when we have. I was performing Out of Stocks tonight and almost every item was full to...
  7. Y

    Tie Softlines

    Hello, I have a quick question. How do you "Tie" product on my device? I have not seen designated numbers on tables etc. Thank you, Michelle
  8. Y

    Tie to location

    I have a quick question. How do you "tie" product in softlines? I have never noticed any numbers on the tables etc. Thank you.
  9. Sushi2Go

    Auditing BTS with multiple locations

    When auditing an item, there use to be a list that you can go to if you want to audit other locations for later. Did they get rid of it or changed how it's done now? I do not want to go back n forth from BTS to stationary.
  10. F

    Personal ID

    Has anyone been asked to enter their ‘personal ID’ information’ on their profile ? What do you think of this ? What do you think could be the reason for wanting this information? What is Target going to DO with this information. ‘’If you haven’t heard of this, look on your zebra - MyDay -...
  11. Luck

    Inter-building communication?

    Is there a readily available resource for finding communication channels internally? For example, you work at store T1200 and want to email someone in T0400 about a question. If there a way to look up the managements emails without already knowing them or just hoping to get lucky finding...
  12. R

    Schedule OFO ??

    I'm scheduled for OFO one day what is that ?
  13. M


    Has anyone figured out if there was a replacement for subt99?
  14. T

    Back room location

    Can someone explain how back room accuracy works with metrics? What if the person on my off days is pushing all items scanned? He says during pulls the item is not there so he pushes All items scanned. ‘How can him doing that effect my metrics when he is doing it? Thanks in advance.
  15. R

    My day target ??

    Ok so why does the my day for target app always have you change your password ?? I'm running out of passwords to us on the dam app !
  16. P

    Drastic Counts after Audit

    Does anyone know what happens if a Drastic Count is neither Accepted or Rejected? Does it time out? Does it get deleted and added back into the audit for the following cycle? I'm asking because our closing expert does the audits, but our closing lead doesn't do anything with the drastic counts...
  17. starmaster1000

    Goodbye, myWork 2.0

    You were terrible compared to myWork 1.0, but were superior to myDay in 99% of ways. I’ll never forget your unnecessary sub-apps making everything difficult; your random refusals to scan anything until I restarted the myDevice; and most of all, I’ll never forget your forgetfulness when it came...
  18. M

    Am i Gonna get fired for doing this

    So today we got a rush at drive up and a case of beer was my drive up order , my device died and like an idiot i forgot to let someone know. I remembered cause i have anxiety. I went back in and signed into my my device. But i was like Nope not gonna process it, thats dumb asf So i said i...
  19. C

    Assets Protection Is there a way to get Yammer on the Mydevice?

    Does anybody know if there is a way to get Yammer on the Mydevice? It would make it so much easier. That way you don’t have to go into the office, you can check it while your at the doors.
  20. Dream Baby

    Auditing before Pulling One for Ones

    This might seem like an obvious question. If you do a FLOOR inventory audit before pulling the 1-4-1s does it change the pulls? I am asking because they changed how we do audits at the myDevice without ever informing anyone as usual. Training at my store has always been terrible.