1. Introvertedqueen

    Missing Mydevice

    So I came into my shift today (9/21) and my TL told me that there is a missing mydevice and I was the last one to sign it out. Therefore I have to find it. When I checked the log the last time I signed it out was (9/11) and I had put in the times I checked it in and out. I looked all over the...
  2. TargetOldTimer

    Zebra portable printers?

    Can anyone give me the part number for the zebra portable printer batteries?
  3. Dream Baby

    Auditing on the floor when an item has two locations

    So whenever I have to audit an item on the floor and change the count all it seems to do it go from Location A to Location B THEN BACK to Location A. What am I doing wrong?
  4. N

    Audit App question

    Hello, When using the audit app, does scanning a backroom location and clicking “all done” just delete the items from the location and not mess with the on hands or anything?
  5. T

    Does the sales total include returns?

  6. T

    What is the difference between Originated and Fulfilled in sales totals?

    Would be great to know.
  7. J


    IF you need help with a thread, contact a mod. Don't do scrub your post like this. That's rude and super annoying. Thank you for your help Commie
  8. ThrowawaySigning

    Mysupport on workbench gone?

    Did they remove mysupport from workbench or am I tripping? Or are they forcing us to use chatbot on myday?
  9. H

    New transition merch going salvage, online only, not tied correctly to DPCI

    Anyone else notice issues with items in mini seasonal and toys not properly being tied to DPCI or other weird stuff mention in title? For ex. We had Mac and cheese endcap where new items just received are going salvage already and other items are online only. Then in toys I'm getting a lot of...
  10. Amanda Cantwell

    Change aisle number of item?

    There are some reusable bags at my store that are located in myday in CL15 (as of our remodel we no longer have a Checklane 15)… so these bags are now physically located at GS. How do I update myday so that they’re located at GS (location GS1). I see a button to add a new location but Idk how to...
  11. D

    Price change audits

    The front end at my store owns the price change audits (PCA/PCV). I'm concerned because one of the women who does them always seems to hit skip/can't find. It does not seem to lower the score though, but I feel like this is wrong some how. When you do them correctly, it will sat 2 out 4 done or...
  12. Ringwraith917


    Where is MySupport? I have a problem with an item that we apparently no longer carry in store. "Do an online markdown" you might say, well the markdown button in MyDay apparently does nothing. I was going to submit a support request but I dont see a way to do that anywhere on my device or on...
  13. R

    How do I process ship to store items using the STS app on the Zebra at guest service?

    My store processes ship to store products at guest service and puts them in the drive up hold location at guest service. If there are multiple items in a shipment that fit into one bag, what is the step-by-step process of “receiving” the shipment putting the items in a hold location?
  14. Q

    verifying infs

    I’m a fulfillment TL and am wondering how other fulfillment tls verify infs while TMs are in opu orders? Currently I just have them walkie me the dpcis and I’ll just check. But I’ve noticed that other stores will have the tm leave the batch so the leader can hop in. What’s the best way of doing...
  15. isthatathing

    SFS Label Printer Troubleshoot

    Hi! I have a shipping label printer that has a red network indicator light. I've already gone through the guides on workbench. I've called CSC 3 times. My ticket number is still open and waiting in Verizon apparently. Does anyone have a trick or anything to get my printer connected to the...
  16. B

    How do you make overhead announcements via your zebra?

    Our store has always had a team member run back to TSC to make the overhead announcement, and I just heard that there was a way to do so over the zebra, but we could not figure it out. Does anyone know if this is actually possible, and how to do so?
  17. PogDog

    Pricing and Presentation Activating pricing.

    Anyone have a good process to activate pricing for multiple locations? This is a bane of mine. IDNK why when you activate one price it doesn't activate for all locations. That just seems unproductive.
  18. Dream Baby

    Keeping "Ones for Ones" low the driving Target metric now?

    In my department we keep pulling the "Ones for Ones" constantly to keep the numbers low per management. However a lot of those "re-pulls" were immediately back stocked even though we are also updating the floor counts. No one has bothered explained to me why that happens so frequently. Yet...
  19. W

    Logistics flexing and capacity/quantity

    If a particular item has a location capacity of 10, and I flex another 10 next to it, I've been told to update capacity and quantity to 20. However, I've been thinking that that would give DC the impression our capacity really is 20, and we'll just keep receiving more of that item to replenish...
  20. ION the Prize

    Sales Floor Location in MyWork but Not in MyDay

    I know now that if I scan an item while in MyDay I may not see all of that item’s salesfloor locations. If I switch over to the old MyWork app it might give me more locations. I did this today and saw a new endcap location in MyWork that was not listed in MyDay. Why? (Has this already been...