1. Dream Baby

    Auditing before Pulling One for Ones

    This might seem like an obvious question. If you do a FLOOR inventory audit before pulling the 1-4-1s does it change the pulls? I am asking because they changed how we do audits at the myDevice without ever informing anyone as usual. Training at my store has always been terrible.
  2. B

    Zebra Devices

    Ok so this more of a rant than anything. Almost all the time I get a defective my device. It either force closes within one of the apps for example using Driveup, or Shipt Audit. I either have to completely exit out of the app or restart the whole device. Sometimes it works or it doesn't help at...
  3. J

    Sales Floor How accurate is the “On the way” date for a shipment on the zebra?

    Newer employee here sorry, today I had a guest provide me with the DPCI for a squish mallow and had me look it up. We didn’t have any in the back but it said something like “4 on the way, arriving 2/08”. Is the date provided usually accurate for when we receive shipments?
  4. S

    Any way to tell when/if a mispick has been fixed?

    I'm currently trying to revamp my baby diaper and bulk pet food backstock. Completely resetting the aisles to POG, changing counts/capacities and purging then re-backstocking the whole thing so I can audit counts. I've noticed that a significant amount of diapers and pet food comes in as...
  5. ION the Prize

    Rejecting Incoming Calls

    What would happen to an incoming call if I pressed Reject on my Zebra instead of Accept?
  6. T

    Trapped Items report

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I picked up a shift this afternoon, where I will be helping another team member clear out the trapped items in the backroom. I assume these items are now clearance and need to be removed from the backroom. Am I correct in my assumption? To remove the trapped...
  7. C

    Priority Pull

    Does anyone know why they discontinued the Priority pulls?
  8. J

    what does OOS mean

    what does OOS mean for general merchandise
  9. Struggler

    Zebra monitoring

    Just a simple question, if you go on the google chrome app on the Zebra and go to a website do they know about it? Is the Zebra activity monitored?
  10. N

    Target IT systems are less than ideal

    As a disclaimer, I don't think it's the fault of Target's IT people. I'm sure they work hard like the rest of us under sometimes difficult conditions with far fewer hours than they need. Where to begin? Having to log in 3-4 times each session just to do my every-single-freaking-day stuff...
  11. Shani

    Check dates requesting same items multiple times

    For a little over a week now, I've had the same group of items dropping into my check dates list each day. None of them are expired, I indicate such, and they show up again the day after. One expires in November so I tried adding the date to that one, but it keeps dropping back in too. Is this...
  12. PogDog

    Backroom location labels

    Alright, they took the ability to create and print backroom location labels out of MyWork, but I can't find it in MyDay. Anyone have any ideas to create and print locations?
  13. Introvertedqueen

    Missing Mydevice

    So I came into my shift today (9/21) and my TL told me that there is a missing mydevice and I was the last one to sign it out. Therefore I have to find it. When I checked the log the last time I signed it out was (9/11) and I had put in the times I checked it in and out. I looked all over the...
  14. TargetOldTimer

    Zebra portable printers?

    Can anyone give me the part number for the zebra portable printer batteries?
  15. Dream Baby

    Auditing on the floor when an item has two locations

    So whenever I have to audit an item on the floor and change the count all it seems to do it go from Location A to Location B THEN BACK to Location A. What am I doing wrong?
  16. N

    Audit App question

    Hello, When using the audit app, does scanning a backroom location and clicking “all done” just delete the items from the location and not mess with the on hands or anything?
  17. T

    Does the sales total include returns?

  18. T

    What is the difference between Originated and Fulfilled in sales totals?

    Would be great to know.
  19. J


    IF you need help with a thread, contact a mod. Don't do scrub your post like this. That's rude and super annoying. Thank you for your help Commie
  20. ThrowawaySigning

    Mysupport on workbench gone?

    Did they remove mysupport from workbench or am I tripping? Or are they forcing us to use chatbot on myday?