1. W

    Logistics flexing and capacity/quantity

    If a particular item has a location capacity of 10, and I flex another 10 next to it, I've been told to update capacity and quantity to 20. However, I've been thinking that that would give DC the impression our capacity really is 20, and we'll just keep receiving more of that item to replenish...
  2. ION the Prize

    Sales Floor Location in MyWork but Not in MyDay

    I know now that if I scan an item while in MyDay I may not see all of that item’s salesfloor locations. If I switch over to the old MyWork app it might give me more locations. I did this today and saw a new endcap location in MyWork that was not listed in MyDay. Why? (Has this already been...
  3. W

    How to take from backstock using myday?

    I needed to get an item for a guest, it was located in the back so I went to the backroom to retrieve it. But I couldn't figure out how to pull the item from backstock using myday? When I ask people at my store they show me the backstock function, but that lets me put items INTO backstock, not...
  4. T

    Should I be worried?

    Hey everyone! Today, our PML came up to me and asked me if I was using [blank] numbered device because it is missing and I was the last person logged into it. It was the device I used yesterday.. and I 100% know that I had logged out, put it back in its charging station, and signed it back in...
  5. Sushi2Go

    How to print PRT hip printer label with barcode?

    If a hip/portable printer is missing the barcode label to scan, how do I print one? Is it similar to printing backroon label on mywork?
  6. T

    One For Ones

    I’m sure many of you know, a big company focus right now is one for ones. The company goal right now is 60%. If your store is consistently meeting this goal, could you share the strategy / scheduling behind it? Do your TMs pull? TLs pull everything? Pull everything at night and stage for inbound ?
  7. Loading

    Zebra printer

    How do I reprint the quick scan labels on the zebra hip printers?
  8. TargetsDaddy

    Defecting salvage manually

    Have a few questions on the defecting salvage PLU manually on mywork. 1. The option for "where?" Is it asking where the item was originally pulled from, salesfloor or backroom loc right? I'm assuming if I hit salesfloor, it will remove the quantity off the salesfloor. 2. If I want to salvage...
  9. T

    One for one completion

    Can anyone explain how Greenfield calculates one for one completion percentages? I can pull batches every morning and another guy do it at night and it still won’t go over 50-60%. Is there a time factor?
  10. SuperTarget

    Target App Beta Program

    Seems there is a beta program for the Target app now.. first noticeable change in the beta app is a dark mode Target app for iOS. also new custom icons.. a white on red Target logo, white on black, and a pride logo.
  11. T

    how can u find out what team member back stocked an item?

    Hi everyone.....great forum. I was a seasonal hire, that was retained. I want to see if I was the team member that made a mistake when back stocking We are supposed to remove the plastic when back stocking in wacos. How can u find out what team member back stocked an item ? through DPCI...
  12. A

    Our store's system is down.

    Just got here and someone says the devices aren't working
  13. TargetMcFly

    What's the most efficient way to audit, SFQ, and capacity after a transition?

    Our store is getting strict on doing the above title lately but I'm getting mixed instruction on the proper way to do it. I would do it in this order after setting and pushing back what I demerched. 1. Audit and change capacity on the audit app (changing capacity if increasing) 2. Before...
  14. O

    Phone transferring

    Has anyone figured out a way to transfer to optical and the pharmacy without requiring the guest to hang up and call the number? I know a way but it’s a little complicated so wondering if anyone has found a better way. And what number do you enter when calling another store using their store number?
  15. J

    Clearance and percentage markdown

    Ok so I working in the price change/label department & I have a question, so when I scan an item it’ll show a markdown price in red so when I print out a regular label on my printer device it’ll print out the regular price and not the markdown price but if it was a clearance item I could print...
  16. R

    How to park/transfer and pick up phone calls at guest service?

    My store uses the 228x system and I am wondering what the step by step process is to transfer/pick up phone calls using the corded phones at guest service?
  17. M

    Backstocking with myday

    I noticed that with the new app you can backstock not on file, will nof drop into price change? The only way I can tell that the item is nof is scanning thru mywork which will eventually disappear.
  18. Ringwraith917

    Salvage, help!

    Following directions from my ETL in myDay I am going into price change, typing in the DPCI and it indicates salvage, I tap salvage, enter whatever quantity it is asking for and enter. Pretty sure I'm royally messing up something because we seem to not have any of the merch im salvaging out...
  19. Sushi2Go

    Who responds to my support??

    Are some actual store employees? Because I swear it's like talking to a wall. I give a fairly detail and easy to understand question and I get a response totally unrelated or not helpful. Almost always require a reply to clarify. My support is 90% useless 😡
  20. D


    So one of my TLs asked me to audits for him tonight. I said sure and he told me to put in the count of what is on the shelf and put 0 in there is none. Ok fine. It was an easy task for the most part. What is actually happening? Am I just changing the quantity of what is on the shelf? Does it...