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Jun 15, 2011
Disclaimer: I know this doesn't affect every store.

I was going through my email a few days ago and found in an email that corporate, and I quote, "has identified an opportunity for missed sales during the back to school season." Some of the higher volume stores, like mine, will be staying open an extra hour from July 22nd to September 15th. I am already at an extended hours store so we will be open until midnight Monday-Saturday and 11 on Sundays. Non-extended stores will be open till 11 and 10 respectively. I am in my last year of college and can personally say I don't, nor would I want to, do any back to school shopping from 11-midnight and I feel like this is going to be another huge waste of payroll similar to the black friday incident.

Have any of your stores been affected by this yet? I would like to hope I am not the only one...
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Bts..... The most horrible target holiday ever!!!! I'm dayside, so out doesn't really effect me, but longer hours mean more call out/ same size crew stretched thinner, worse zone and stupid college kids throwing things around the store all day. Boo and yuck.
It's a great idea, in theory. There's a store in a neighboring district that's between two very popular Universities. It's crazy in that store during BTS. An extra hour is lots and lots of $$$.
Just to clarify my store is in a college town in the middle of nowhere. During the non-university season (i.e summer) our forecasts are around 50,000 less than normal. We are very much influenced by the university. We may turn a profit once move in weekend hits, but until then I am skeptical...
Yeah and people are buying more expensive things too, its not just cheap supplies. I think for certain Targets this might yield better sales.
Maybe after all of the p-fresh remodels are done, we can have company wide BTS remodels, maybe take out the breakrooms and just use that space for a year round back to school mini seasonal?
My store is doing this, and I think it's positively stupid. And I'm not basing it on the fact that I only close, I really don't care about having to stay later, after all, I'm an insomniac who stays up til 3 or 4 every night anyway, so that doesn't really bother me. I think the rationale behind it is just awful and won't work for the following reasons;

1. My store is the only one in the area doing it. That means the only advertising they'll do is in store and direct mailing. Yeah, I'll talk it up to guests, but it seems like people really won't know about it.

2. It seems like it's going wayyyyy to long. When we did extended hours around Christmas, that makes sense because everyone was shopping then and it made sense to do it for the two weeks leading up to Christmas. But for the 2 MONTHS leading up to... a random day in the middle of September?... oh, well, all right. I suppose people will celebrate that day and stop "needing" to shop late. (I laid it on pretty thick there, but that's sarcasm)

3. Many of BTS shoppers shop because they're shopping with their kids. Most kids don't stay up that late. Maybe it will wrangle in some BTC kids, maybe.

4. We run out of every single school necessity in the last week of August anyway. I figuratively had to suit up before hitting the floor so I could deal with the people who were super pissed off at me that we didn't have pencils three days before school started. That might have been because I was giving pencils to everyone but them, or it might have been because... it was three days before school started. Oh, sarcasm there again.

5. The LOD tonight said the plan is to schedule for a tacked on hour to everyone's shift, but if the store is dead and completely zoned by our normal closing time, we'd be getting out like 15 minutes after close. I'm actually fine with this if they keep our start times normal. I generally come in at 6. If they say "Oh, we're staying an hour later, so you should come in an hour later!" And then we only stay 15 minutes later, that's goodbye 45 minutes of pay.

6. Finally, if we didn't do it for Arbor Day, why are we doing it for BTS?
It's actually a decent idea. Around that time you won't need many TMs anyways, maybe just a single cashier and one or two salesfloor tms, you can even have guest service closed down and food ave would be closed down too by then so it's not like you are spending alot on payroll for the extra hour at that time of day.

I do alot of late night shopping at Walmart and alot of people still buy school supplies along with other things so it's not like everyone is just going to be getting pens and pencils, someone could buy a TV or do some late night grocery shopping.

Actually think this is a good idea and I'm a night person so I don't mind staying the extra hour if it means the store would be slow and I could get alot of work done.
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