New confused GM

Jun 27, 2019
Hi so Ive barely finished my Gm training and i start work alone on wednesday. I have some questions that i confused about so if someone couldnhelp that would be great.

When i first arrive to work, after clocking in , do i announce in the walkie talkie that im here like "this is .... Im here" then go get a upull and work on the section they wrote on my schedule? Or do i just clock in, get equipment , then start upulling my section without telling anyone?

If there are any GMs that could answer me, what do you do when you first arrive to target for work?
Jun 16, 2011
At our store we clock in, let Lead know you are clocked in for your shift, check sales using the myDevice, check communications using the myDevice, spend around 15 minutes walking our area (touching up zone, picking up strays, assessing the needs for the day and understanding reasons for comps being either up or down, sometimes with our Lead, most times not... plan your day, including pulls and freight .... even though you more likely than not won't have the time to execute most of your plan!) Then we are expected to pull and work the pulls that are generated for our area in the Move app. When that's done, we work our area's freight, backstocking each vehicle and taking care of trash as it's finished. Once those things are completed, if there's any time left in the shift we can begin to work on the rest of our plan for the day. Reshop is picked up after each break/lunch or if someone has a hissy fit about how much there is.