1. M

    I'm having problems with my store's STL

    My store's STL (and an ETL as well) keeps talking down to a lot of people in my store (myself included) and I have no idea where to begin with reporting this kind of stuff. I've tried talking to my ETL/Team Lead but all they could say was to just keep track of anything bad they say to me or my...
  2. O


    GM2 TL here. Was wondering how everyone is dealing with the workload on TWT? How is this being communicated to the team properly? I still do the pre-ties and planning. Just trying to come up with a better system to communicate to everyone to get the workload completed. Any tips would be greatly...
  3. I

    Returning employee, wtf is a closing expert

    I’m sure you all think I’m nuts, but after quitting Target a few years ago I applied and have an interview next week. Let’s face it, I know what they want to hear and I’m pretty confident they’ll hire me. Anyway, obviously things have changed since early 2017. I worked grocery but had tons of...
  4. AnAverageTM

    Sales Floor Zoning standards which seem impossible

    I’m a Hardlines TM and I work in ZD3 (Zone Defender) which my ZD consists of 3 areas I have to zone: toys and sporting goods (E1-E46), baby hardlines (N1-N19) & entertainment (F25-F46). I started working back in February and I’ve had a decent amount of time now and a lot of closing shifts to...
  5. S

    Promoted to GM1 TL, inherited a hot mess. Help

    So, I have been with the company around 8 months. Seasonal > permanent > TL. My biggest concern is this: i was supposed to be training for 4 weeks for GM1 and GM2 positions, because they weren't sure which way I would be heading, so wanted to cover both. I only got 2 weeks of training and was...
  6. C

    New confused GM

    Hi so Ive barely finished my Gm training and i start work alone on wednesday. I have some questions that i confused about so if someone couldnhelp that would be great. When i first arrive to work, after clocking in , do i announce in the walkie talkie that im here like "this is .... Im here"...
  7. GlobalTL123

    Inbound expert and gm expert?

    Is there a difference? How do stores schedule them?
  8. Vince

    Sorting repacks

    I do not work at DC however have been apart of a truck unload 5 days a week for 5 years so I have seen some let’s just say “interesting” trailer loads with questionable packing. However the repacks are pretty consistent for the most part. Today I was blown away by something though. It was an...
  9. T

    Race Discrimination??

    I'm a team member and within the last year or so we got a new store manager, who has gotten rid of all the leaders and brought in new ones. They have been targeting all the African American team members. They've written all of us up and put us on finals. They're constantly harassing us. I am...
  10. C

    New GM with questions

    Hi. I've barely started working at target as a general mechandise expert. They've given me some training and I feel comfortable but I do have questions that I've asked my trainers but they all didn't give specifics and just that you learn as you work. Working in general merchandise, can someone...
  11. GoTo8


    Just curious if anyone else is concerned that the rising tm pay versus lead pay might signify something. We're teaching our "business leaders" to basically be leads. Anyone else concerned that the lead position might disappear? Discuss.
  12. D

    Running the front

    So how is this working out for you all? Is management suggesting someone take the lead role? Is someone just doing it because they can handle it? What happens when no one "wants to". I don't mind helping run the front sometimes, but I don't like it so much when it is busy. Today, they had no...
  13. M

    Small format in A&A duty’s

    Just curious as a a&a TM day shift what are your responsibilities?
  14. F

    Logistics Training with new process

    So im a former flow trainer and a new inbound trainer and i was wondering on how you guys are training new inbound hires Because im finding my new trainees Are just getting overwhelmed by the amount of info i have to give them in a short amount of time and they just end up leaving after a few...
  15. M

    Closing Experts

    Okay I’ve tried to get this information from my ETLS and I have not been given a direct answer. I just want to know if any other stores are experiencing this as well? I have not seen a single person scheduled as a Closing Expert since this roll out. All our “hardlines” closers are scheduled...
  16. B

    Guest Services GSTL's job description under modernization

    Can someone tell me what exactly the GSTL's are suppose to be doing if everyone up front is doing basically what the GSA's and GSTL's were doing a few months ago? Ours do nothing.
  17. T

    expert vs team member?

    does anyone know if there is a difference between a general merchandise expert and a normal team member? is it more pay and/or more of a higher leadership role? bc my store has a posting for a gm expert as well as a just team members, and i don’t understand what the difference is.
  18. B

    Current Acronyms

    What are the newest/current acronyms across the store? (such as SD = Store Director)
  19. S


    So how do you all handle getting everything done? With zoning, EXF, pulls, price changes, setting end caps and side caps, revisions and pushing truck? It seems to take all day just to push the truck and do repacks.
  20. Targetedbullseye

    Metrics are wrong

    I work in a small volume store but we carry our own, and exceed expectations. The problem is cashiers and 1 cart attendants are now making the same as the old logistics team. the payroll is still working on the old system. So hours are cut massively, and soft- lines at taking hours because...