1. O

    Who's all staying or seeking new employment?

    I was just curious for everyone's take, even though the raise is good (but maybe not so much for people who have been here longer) it doesn't really matter if my hours stay low. I am planning on staying for about another month or two to see if hours will go back up or it is going to be this way...
  2. T

    Immature Leaders !!!!

    Does anyone else’s TLs or ETLs OR even the STL leave out communication and then blame their employees for doing their jobs incorrectly? My store seems to not be able to get a handle of the new systems. Also has anyone ever heard of an adult who literally runs a STORE talk about a bunch of minors...
  3. S

    How are your zones divided?

    Just curious how everyone's softlines zones are divided. Currently mine are Z1 RTW Z2 boys/girls/accessories Z3 infants/sleep/hosiery/intimates Z4 mens/perfomance Z5 shoes We are almost finished being remodeled with accessories in rtw and with the new panty bins I think the zones need to be...
  4. HangMe

    DBOs should not have closing shifts.

    This is basically just a long rant. Btw, if you don't know what a DBO (Dedicated Business Owner) is yet it's a person who generally works full time and owns a specific department or area. You do everything for it including the freight, stray, VMG, price change, pulls, backstock, ect. I work in...
  5. Bullseyerc

    Will Mid-GSTL shifts be mandatory in every store?

    Because as of now my Store Director still has us do a strict open and close GSTL schedule.. even when I was formally introduced to my new title change by them, I asked her in a subtle manner (to not make it seem like I know too much) if that will in fact be the GSTL shifts (pointing at the...
  6. U

    I guess I don't understand this business.

    How is it we have pallets, uboats, and repacks of push in the back. All full of product that will go out on the floor. For example, pharmacy repacks. Backed up for days, even a week. And not even that, there are 10 three tiers full of backstock. I walk through pharmacy and see out after out...
  7. T

    Sales Floor I can't win, no matter what I do. Any advice appreciated.

    I have worked for Target since Nov. We just started the "modernization" in April. Before I start, I am in favor of modernization, I think it is a good thing for out store. We have alot of team members that do bare minimum. Anyways, I have been assigned to Domestics, I am being told is Bedding...
  8. Flex Xpert

    DBO thread

    I thought we could use our own thread.I could definitely use it to actually figure out what I'm supposed to do or vent . I wanna know about ur blocks and what is accomplishable and what's ridiculousness o_O:p
  9. HangMe

    No more than 30 hours.

    Hi all! I've read that at some point this year, if you are just a regular TM, to not expect more than 30 hours. Can someone confirm they've heard this? I have also heard that the turnover rate is going to be insane. I've bugged my TLs about this and they swear up and down that it isn't true (I...
  10. I

    Specialty Sales Team Leader

    What does the daily job and routines look like for a Specialty Sales Team Leader? Curious if they are supposed to be heading like an area such as electronics or if they make rounds to beauty, A&A, and electronics?
  11. A

    New roll out schedule- GM3

    I just received my new role and responsibilities as GM3 from my SD yesterday. I was also given a crap set schedule that are mostly mids and practically closing shifts. I told my SD that that schedule wouldn’t work for me since I’m in school full time as well as an new dad come the month of the...
  12. HLN13

    Tips for Owning Toys?

    Hey everyone, with the new OPs model I will be moving from Flex’s to owning Toys. I will be working with ~35 hours a week and will be responsible for freight, stray, zoning, sales plans and price change. Obviously this is a lot and I will be given help at those times, but I’m wondering how you...
  13. BackroomAlpha

    Toxic Target

    Just stopping by after I've had a few to let everyone know that target may be a fast paced, toxic environment at times but as a corporation and business we are all family and I think TBR reflects that. We are unlike most retailers, let's just admit it. Target can truly be a wonderful place to...
  14. E

    New Job Titles....No LOD???

    So we had a Store Team Meeting today, and the STL gave us a whole list of our "new titles," and I can't remember half of them. Does anyone have a list?
  15. A

    Is it true?

    So is it official that area owners will be responsible for their own transition now?
  16. S

    Question re: 3 GM TL areas of ownership...

    Anyone in a 3 GM TL org chart find it odd that GM1 (who’s process ownership is Inbound) owns a PP2 push area of the sales floor? Seems natural that they would own Inbound process and oversee TM’s in PP1 commodity / high sales velocity areas, no?
  17. copycopy

    SrTL/Closing Leads

    Just curious. Can SrTLs/Closing Leads pdd/coach regular TLs in your store?
  18. C

    “You’re not an expert in your area”

    Alright, guys. I know ASANTS but I wanted to know if this is going on everywhere or just my Target. Two of the hardest working team members in softlines, that I’ve worked beside almost everyday since I started, are being moved out of softlines to different parts of the store. They’ve both...
  19. PogDog


    Anyone have information on this position? Primary responsibilities. Things to consider. Believe this is a key-carrier lead too. I understand ASANTS. Assuming the core responsibilities will be consistent store to store. Was offered the possibility of taking this role. Would be my first TL role...
  20. ServiceSoFast

    Human Resources...

    Does anybody know the difference between a Human Reaource TL and a HR Process TL? New op model of course.