1. J

    2020 Modernization Guide

    Anyone happen to get a peek at this yet? I think it arrived today or yesterday. I've only heard of small org chart changes so far from it.
  2. P

    Is it just me? Pushing Toys Speed

    I usually have been getting 5 hr shifts, although next week I have a 7 hr shift week. In those 5 hours, I can usually do a quick touch up zone (not perfect, only if the closer the night before did well), maybe a 2 tier or 2 of reshop, ~65 task 1for1s, and maybe 3 or 4 uboats of toy push. Is...
  3. A

    General question with a POG rant! 😡

    Please! Does anyone have these problems? Ok, my store completely got rid of the presentation team, but kept me (my preference too because its what I like doing), but just me. I do basically ALL actual POGs (revisions are supposed to be done by the now GM experts in those which i...
  4. S


    Okay guys please any advice at all is welcome. WHO the heck owns baby hardlines per company and modernization standard? There is some major confusion in our store. We saw in the modernization roll out that it is GMs but the leaders are pushing back HARD and want style to push it. We dont get ANY...
  5. E

    DBO for 2 Areas

    hi all, former seasonal employee recently promoted to DBO for two areas. I’m wondering if this is common? I am scheduled 6 hours a day and expected to keep up with two high volume areas on my own. 1 for 1s, pushing truck, price changes, keeping end caps stocked, revisions, transitions, back...
  6. T

    Guest Services Team Leads

    The hours for our Service & Engagement team members have been cut to the point we are out-numbered by the number of Team Leads and SETL on the clock Monday-Friday. We still need to call for backup from the other departments. Why? Because our leaders spend their time in their little office...
  7. S

    Sales Floor I’ve given myself a new job title......

    Current title is Dedicated Business Owner (DBO) as such in a very short amount of time since accepting that title have made major improvements to my area and we are in the black. However that was possible with 35-40 hours a week. Since my hours have been drastically cut to under 20 a week...
  8. T

    Modernization Phase 3??

    I overheard a few ETL's talking about modernization phase 3. Here is a few things I overheard 1) ETL's not closing anymore 2) All TL being key carrier and trained on closing store. 3) Trucks being smaller and mostly repacks 4) Less payroll on salesfloor and intrgrating the rest of Planogram...
  9. Calico Tapeworm

    Stockroom Best Practices

    From what I’ve gathered by the posts, it sounds like modernization has done away with crew who maintain the stockroom. So if we are to keep our stockroom in order ourselves, what are the best practices for backstocking, keeping things organized, etc... I’d like to make a list or reference manual...
  10. C

    Question about the kitchen department

    How to finish routines on a Sunday? 6:00 you come in but you have the whole ad set up for kitchen plug and home decor which is the entire home department. Than returns zone and then 1 to 1s but today they decided to do 1 to 1s after truck push. But here’s the thing with truck push we have...
  11. GlobalTL123

    How's Q4

    How is everyone's Q4 going. Is it still a shit show with modernization enhancements?
  12. N

    Speed over Safety?

    What’s up with the lack of safety? Seems like they’re more concerned with speed. 3 weeks new to target. Back stocking, large box on tallest shelf at entry of aisle was caught between the shelves. Called the ETL and all he did was crank it open further, let it fall and kicked out of the...
  13. R

    Modernization's effect on those with disabilities and/or work restrictions

    I'm curious as to whether or not modernization has affected those with disabilities and/or work restrictions. What kind of accommodations are possible with the requirement that tm's are responsible for their work end to end?
  14. S

    TL pay bump?

    Does anyone have any info on if TL minimum Pay will increase since TM wage is increasing? I’m currently a closing lead and don’t make much more than $15 A hour. The position wouldn’t be worth it to me if I’m barely making more than my team members.
  15. E

    To all new and of course "vets" so to speak...

    I was sitting here thinking how ASANTS and such. Thinking about how this site is supposed to be a place where we connect but everyone feels alienated. How each year is new for us as much as it is for newbies but this time of year is such a hassle. This time around though I have to teach people...
  16. Vince

    4th quarter nation wide modernization

    Well here we are folks. Those of you that were a pilot store last year know what a scrambled mess this idea is. Eliminating overnight and back room/POG teams has proven to fail ESPECIALLY during 4th quarter where the freight and pulls are unforgiving. Let’s share how everyone’s experiences are...
  17. G

    returned to old store (to visit)

    my god it's depressing. i thought i was paranoid. i wasn't. all the old timers are just hanging on, the workload has doubled since i left, elimination of pog led to backup, and so far everyone is making exit plans. everyone new is brand new with no retail experience. i loved my store due to the...
  18. S

    No More ETL HR?

    Will the ETL HR and/or HR Expert role will be eliminated with Store Modernization in low volume stores? The last related post I found was from 2017 which stated there was an announcement from HQ that some stores may lose an ETL HR in favor of a Sr HR TL. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! TIA
  19. T

    Guest advocates

    Since getting rid of GSA's, has anyone else's store had a problem with now everyone thinking they are in charge? In the last few months we have had a lot of young adults that were hired. Almost all of them think they either are in charge, don't have to do anything, or only think they should be...
  20. B

    Bullseye On My Back

    My weird psychology is such that I hate inefficiency and I have a bizarrely strong work ethic. I am aware that I am the hardest and most efficient worker in house, and this matters not, my friends. It's clear that the only branch of this awful corporation that actually works is P.R. . I have...