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May 29, 2012
So, I had a couple of those $5 off school supplies and back pack coupons today (I am so glad school starts this week here). Anyway, when I scanned the coupon, a message popped up saying that if it was scanned from a mobile device, void the line after hitting clear (you had to hit clear to clear the prompt). I suspect that is from the snipsnap fiasco. My guess is the $20 gift card coupon for opening a registry now does the same thing. I think that is new as of this week, so it's nice to see Spot is on with some of this stuff.
I will have to keep an eye out for this. It sounds like it will help with the enforcement but if the message is worded exactly as you described I can see some cashiers thinking ANY mobile coupon (including targets) is a no go. Thanks for the heads up!
My guess is that coupon is not on Target's mobile site? That was the only coupon I saw the prompt for, but there may be others.
Yes we've had those prompts come up the other day.... A cashier had the physical coupon and called me all the way over to express and asked me if it was okay to take this coupon. I kind of looked at her dumbfounded and told her that its obviously not a mobile coupon (was a catalina coupon iirc), so that the coupon is obviously fine.

Just another thing to confuse cashiers... /sigh

Its probably from the snipsnap fiasco.
Wow. I did a double take when I saw the first one, read the prompt, looked at the physical coupon in my hand, hit "clear," made sure the coupon was still taken off (it was) and moved on. It wasn't overly difficult to figure out the first time, and now I just hit clear and go on.
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