New fulfillment tm metrics

Mar 21, 2019
Can I get everyone's opinion on the new metrics?
If you have a tm schedule 7 hours, clocked in 6.5 hours, hiw long do you think they should be "in app"? What do you think is a good "in app %"?
This tm has only picked, not packed or prepped.
What does your store consider the minimum standard uph? OPU uph?
Jun 23, 2020
~80% in app is good for a regular TM. But it's not a super reliable metric. Say for prepping, they may scan everything in the cart first and then go through and prep it, but that time wouldn't be counted as 'in app'. 350-400 units picked would be a good minimum, but that'll vary from store to store. Some are much larger or see different product mixes for orders... heavy in style will slow you down. And total units is probably better to look at than UPH; they might rush through the cart but then waste time in put to hold.


May 9, 2020
I agree when I ran fulfillment I always relied on output more the uph. I expected 50 units per hour. Most tms worked 5 hour shifts so for example my goal was to get 250 units picked. I accepted 180 units picked in 5 hours minimum. 40 unit per hour was my minimum and I gave 15 minutes for break and 15 minutes to account for misc time like helping a guest or whatever. Anything under the minimum was a performance conversation.