Sales Floor New GM trainee here. Have several questions

Jul 11, 2019
1) Am I supposed to be doing the online training on Workday? Nobody has told me anything about it but I see notifications of it. Do I just clock in then do the online training on their computers?

2) What am I supposed to do after I clock in? On my schedule it shows the name of the person who is supposed to train me but it usually ends up in me just asking people where that person is then they just send me to a random TM who gives me a task. Is there an easier way for me to contact my trainer or find work after clocking in rather than asking people like a lost goose?

3) Is there some kind of online manual for GM? Specifically how to use devices, backstocking, what goods are offsite, etc. Do I need to somehow report if I put goods on an aisle or backstock them?

4) After training, how do I find out what i'm supposed to do for the day?

5) How do I check when payday is and where do I receive my check? I set up direct deposit but apparently the first few times or so is a paycheck.

6) About breaks/lunch. Can I go on break/lunch whenever I choose (if spaced out correctly)? I know I have to take lunch before 5 hours but can I leave on will or do I have to notify people?

I just want to be assimilated to the system as soon as possible and i'm kinda sick of being lost both physically and mentally lol. Thanks!
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Feb 3, 2016
Your store is a mess. You should be with the trainer on your training schedule. If this doesn't happen, ask for your GMTL or ETL. When you arrive, grab a walkie and say, "this is Bruhsenji here to train with Mary." Yes, you should do the trainings. They should be incorporated into the rest of your training. Device use and back stocking are also part of your training.
Payday is every other Friday, but half of targets get paid every week, so you will need to ask at your store.
Breaks and lunches may be assigned by leaders, but doesn't sound like your store is on that program. Announce on the walkie that you are going to break and lunch.
Mar 22, 2019
There are new training plans for new hires that should help map out your first six shifts. Since they are brand new (and of course weren’t covered - only discovered by accident) your store might not be incorporating them just yet. But please do complete all of your trainings in Workday and by the due date! Let your TL know how many you have to complete, they need to make sure you have adequate time to finish them. If you feel you aren’t getting enough time go to HR, they can speak to Leaders on your behalf.

There is no manual for GM but you’ll fall into a routine pretty soon. If anything needs to be a priority your leader will let you know what to focus on.

Workday will tell you when your last check dropped in and when your next one will be paid. You can check on Wednesday’s to see which week you’re paid. Pay cycle A was paid this week, B will be next week. That’s something you can do from home on the Woekday app. But not your trainings! Those MUST be completed in store and on the clock.

As far as breaks and lunches you take them when you’re at a good spot to go. Take your meal before you hit compliance and try to avoid going when everyone else goes. The floor still needs coverage.