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Aug 9, 2012
Sorry for my scattered thoughts. I'm about to head to bed.

I've been with Target for two years now. One of our Instocks TMs is leaving, and I was recommended to be trained and to replace her. I've been on Flow since day one, and I was backroom trained shortly after.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips to help me do my job well, or things to keep in mind. I read somewhere that stores are no longer focused on sales, but rather whether you're green or red, and I hear this often at my store as of late. What are things I can do to help us stay green (not even sure what that means)? One tip I discovered is to not bother placing gray dots on outs that have a backroom location because you're going to pull it from the back anyway... Or is that common sense? lol @_@

So far, my training has been very inconsistent - probably 14 days of spotty training over the past month and a half, usually after my Flow shift of 3:30-9:00 which leaves me feeling brain dead during my training (which makes me even more thankful for the Instocks thread which has already helped me to remember and solidify some knowledge).

To provide a little insight, our store is average sized with generally two people researching, each with their own task list, usually around 280-320 per list. Person A's list contains CL, softlines, Pets, chemicals, HBA/cosmetics, paper, market, infants. Person B's task list is everywhere else, basically. Seasonal, Electronics, domestics, stationary/cookware.

One thing I'm concerned about is that I'm being trained in Person A's task list, and it's pretty easy because I'm used to working in those areas for the past two years. But I'm supposed to be replacing Person B, plus she has domestics which is usually LOADED with rainchecks - she racked up 9 in just three aisles, and I usually only get two or three. I'm still not finishing my list by 11 - I don't even scan softlines from my speed, and rainchecks seem to eat up my time because everything I scan tells me it's a promotional item and it takes ages to find something to use.

I don't quite understand the big picture of how our Instocks team does things. Part of me wants to ask my TL if he could write some core stuff down for me so I can study on it at home since I retain much better by reading. I remember getting a little Flow Team booklet when I first started. As a very routine guy, I feel in a dark a little bit. I've deducted that our Instocks team's routine is essentially: 1. research until 11a.m., 2. pull & push researches, and 3. PTM - in that order.

What happens if you don't finish your task list by 11a.m.? What do they check for on the drastic count reports I've heard about? I was told they'll know pretty much everything I'm doing and when I mess up or do something wrong.

TL;DL version: General tips for being an efficient Instocks TM, please? ;_;
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