Archived New Photo Dry-Lab format.

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Jul 7, 2011
Anybody here who's completed the change-over from wet to dry lab? Any thoughts on the whole process (i.e. removal/setup; sweeping out old supplies; chemistry disposal; training -- who? how many hours?; new kiosks, too?; different hours of operation? ... etc)? Aside: I'm pretty sure this means the end of the photo workcenter for all affected stores.
Ours went dry last yr & we don't even send off print film any more. Every thing is just digital prints from scans, jump drives, cells, etc. It's still listed as a workcenter as someone has to maintain the equipment but the hrs were cut to about 8/day.
They must be getting ready to do a whole bunch of conversions. That's probably why for 2 weeks this month team members get 50% off prints. Making the last little bit off of it before they just trash all the paper.
Not open for further replies.