Archived New to BR; Been at Target 9 Mo.

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Jul 27, 2012
Just wanted to jot a quick hi. I found out about this place from a fellow Target Employee.

I was a seasonal hire for Holidays of 2011 -- started off on flow and thrown in deep end without a trainer. Eventually learned where boxes were stacked, repacks, etc. Kept working every position up / down line, as new hires came in, became box scanner then throwing truck. Did all the cardboard and trash every truck day in btwn pushing to floor.

Had the truck unload process down to a T. Then put on sales floor in any random zone depending on LOD needs on heavy weekends, worked with Plano, learned how to break, set ties, etc. I bounced everywhere except front end, always did truck days.

Got offered PA position after pfresh remodel was completed. After literally a month of bouncing around diff stores and learning pfresh process -- I had to train every TM and TL in store on new procedures.

There's always a lot to do, things to keep track of and consistent coordination with the various BR/Flow/Instocks teams. I'm loving the chaotic environment of constantly helping guests while following daily routines. I have my top 50 memorized off top of head every week as it updates.

I've got an eyeball on Flow TL next.
Welcome to The Break Room! I'll bet you enjoy your breaks when you get a minute to breathe!
Not open for further replies.